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This editorial appears in the October 17, 2008 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

No Reason for Panic

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Nothing characterizes the current state of affairs in the political-economic arena better than the term "panic." All the smug assurances put out by the bankers over the years have faded away, only to be replaced by hysteria and outrageous claims that "no one could have known" that such a systemic breakdown could ever occur.

These claims are all blatant lies. No one knows better than the international banking community and political establishment, that Lyndon LaRouche has not only been forecasting the current result (if his proposals for reform were not taken up) for several decades, but that he has put workable options on the table. The financial "experts" preferred not to face the reality—and now we are where we are.

Behind the scenes, we can be assure the reader, there is a frenzy of activity, in the direction of seeking LaRouche's advice. On the international scene, there are some significant reflections of this tendency. Notable is not only the Russian press coverage, but also prominent reporting in the Arabic and Chinese-language media. In most cases, the clear message is that LaRouche had warned of precisely such a crisis, years ago, and that he should have been heeded at that time.

In the United States, the major media has continued to follow its policy, explicitly stated in the Washington Post more than 20 years ago, of not providing any publicity for LaRouche's activity, or that of his movement, unless it be negative. A slight break in that pattern occurred on Oct. 11, with an article in the New York Times about the individuals and institutions who are prominently criticizing, and in some cases gloating about, the Administration's bailout measures, which included the following sentences about LaRouche:

... a group supporting Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. walked by wheeling a poster that asked 'Who will be next?' They handed out flyers quoting Mr. LaRouche calling for the entire dollar-based financial system to be declared bankrupt and reorganized with a ban on derivative trading. Without such action, it warned, 'this planet is doomed to a horrible dark age.' 

LaRouche commented that this is the first time since 1988 that the New York Times has covered him straight.

Such a reference is outright pitiful, compared to the truth of LaRouche's record. But it is a step in the right direction, and may actually help embolden some within the financial and political establishment who know LaRouche is right about what to do in this crisis, but fear retaliation of a brutal sort, should they tell this truth.

Thus, for the time being, the general panic is going to increase. The reality is that no one, outside LaRouche, has the depth of economic and historical knowledge required to know what to do to prevent this world financial and economic system from grinding to a halt, and then grinding up the lives of billions of this planet's population. People don't understand the concept of bankruptcy reorganization which was well known to the American System of political economy throughout our history; much less do they understand the nature of economic productivity itself.

But, if you are willing to fight for and support LaRouche's ideas, there is no need for panic. He is on the scene, prepared to share his knowledge when people get up the nerve to ask his advice. As the evil forces among the bankers are further discredited and weakened, there will be the opportunity to act. Think, act, but don't panic.

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