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This editorial appears in the November 21, 2008 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Destroy the British Empire!

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One of the mental blocks LaRouche organizers have found in attempting to convey the essence of the reform which Lyndon LaRouche lays out in the lead article in this issue, is shockingly simple. Americans, as well as others, have forgotten that British imperialism, the only imperialism currently operative on this planet, not only exists, but is the enemy of the human race.

By British, of course, we do not mean the British people. The British Empire today is the equivalent of the global monetary system, which is sucking the blood out of the world's population, in a futile effort to survive. The spokesmen for that system are indeed British government spokesmen, the likes of "Crash" Gordon Brown, and Lord Mark Malloch-Brown.

As one would expect in this transition period in the U.S. government, the British are hyperactive, making every effort to capture the U.S. Presidency for their objectives. Prime Minister Brown has apparently been successful in pushing through a pseudo-consensus at the Group of 20 meeting over which George Bush pretended to preside on Nov. 15. Promises of resistance against Brown's demand for more free trade, increased powers for the IMF, and other supranationalist measures—including a threat by French President Sarkozy to walk out—did not seem to materialize.

Meanwhile, the British were active on other fronts, doing their best to stoke hostilities between the United States and Russia, and escalating the genocidal conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo. With the Idiot-in-Chief still in place, Gordon Brown et al. don't have to worry about any obstacles to their plans.

But, as LaRouche pointed out Nov. 11, neither the United States, nor the rest of the world, can afford to sit back and wait to see what develops over the next two months. Even if President-elect Obama were competent enough and inclined to follow LaRouche's policy—which there is every reason to believe he's not—waiting until January is suicidal for civilization itself.

Which means, action has to be taken against the British Empire now, by the only institution with the competence and power to do so. That institution is what LaRouche has referred to as the Presidency of the United States, the complex of former Presidents and government officials, professors, intelligence professionals, military leaders, and so forth, who have some grasp of the uniqueness of U.S. institutions, and are committed to ensuring that they survive.

Within the institution of the Presidency, there are many who do understand that the British Empire still exists, and is determined to destroy the United States, the only country on Earth to have defeated it, and which has the Constitutional commitment to a workable replacement for the current world system's disaster. They understand that the U.S. dollar has been hijacked by a global financial oligarchy, and that U.S. economic power has been systematically obliterated by this stateless monetarist system. These patriots may not fully understand the scientific dynamic that underlies the Constitutional system of credit devised by Alexander Hamilton, Benjamin Franklin, and other geniuses who devised the bedrock institutions of the United States, but they recognize that LaRouche is right, and instinctively support this approach.

Now is the time for more patriots to rally behind LaRouche's approach: No to globalization; no to genocidal environmentalism; no to the thievery called free trade! The British Empire must be destroyed, and LaRouche's proposed Four-Power alliance created to replace it.

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