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This editorial appears in the December 12, 2008 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Who Will Shape the Obama Presidency?

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There is more than a little touch of irony in the current situation around the incoming Obama Administration. On the one hand, we have a President-elect who was backed by the British and their lead agent George Soros, and has shown virtually no understanding of the current existential strategic and economic crisis which the world faces. On the other hand, that same President-elect has appointed a cabinet in which, to their obvious chagrin, Soros interests have no predominance.

Rather, a good section of Obama's appointments hail from a grouping associated with the Clintons. By this very fact, it is obvious that the institution of the Presidency—which supercedes and shapes the term of any particular President—is pushing back against the British influence. The battle for the control of the Presidency is on.

Reality is on the side of the Clinton grouping, which has shown tendencies toward a Franklin Roosevelt perspective. The overwhelming "issue" facing the incoming Administration is the breakdown of the world financial system, and the physical economy—a situation for which nothing but the bankruptcy reorganization proposals of Lyndon LaRouche, in the tradition of FDR, represent a solution. Obama will be pushed in that direction, and the broad popular base for such measures is readily available. Should the relevant members of the institution of the Presidency show sufficient courage, the new President could be moved in the right direction.

The "deadline," so to speak, to address the breakdown crisis with LaRouche's ideas, is January 2009, or February at the latest.

But, don't count on the Soros crowd being inactive. Indeed, Soros and his British backers are moving aggressively at this very moment, to try to set up the crises which they hope will define the agenda for the incoming Administration, and put them in a commanding policy position.

One element of this British-Soros offensive is the legalization of narcotic drugs, a top priority of the Nazi collaborator. Soros is pouring billions into orchestrating a propaganda campaign in favor of this policy—from setting up the Latin American Commission on Drugs and Democracy, to promoting legalization in the nation's press.

Even more devastating, are the set-ups being prepared for Obama in Africa. This "Africa bomb" is being orchestrated by Sir Mark Malloch-Brown of the British Foreign Office, in collaboration with his de facto puppet, Soros, and elements of the Cheney-Bush Administration. If successful, they will lay at the doorstep of the new Administration, genocidal conflicts in Zimbabwe, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Somalia, with the pre-set option of an imperial response.

The pretext for these crises has been created by the joint actions of the Bush Administration with the British Blair and Brown governments, which, over recent years, have facilitated the outbreak of the current humanitarian disasters. The case of Zimbabwe is particularly egregious, as it has been the imposition of British (and IMF) economic policy which has led to the horrors now afflicting the populations—and for which the British blame the government.

There is no time to spare in moving to shut down this Soros/British gameplan. A glaring spotlight has to be shined on Soros, his Nazi past and present, to keep him and his flaks far away from the new Administration, at the same time that an escalating effort is made to promote LaRouche-FDR policies for survival. It's time to take back the Presidency for American principles. But be assured, it's going to be an all-out war.

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