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This editorial appears in the February 16, 2007 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Reality Will Call the Shots

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An extraordinary amount of time is being wasted in parsing the statements of members of the incoming Obama Administration, or other leading political figures, or even opinion polls, to determine what policies will be adopted in the immediate days ahead. We propose an entirely different approach.

It can be summed up in one sentence: Start from reality, the hard, ugly reality.

Reality is that a world financial and economic breakdown is in full swing. Factories are closing, and production of vital commodities is collapsing by double digits, month to month. Millions are being laid off, as just a foretaste of what will be happening in the rest of 2009. Hospitals and schools have no money to function, and many vital services are just going to shut down. If nothing is done to replace the bankrupt financial system which has created these disasters, civilization itself is going to disappear, and very rapidly indeed.

Because of this reality, the population of the United States—and the rest of the world as well—is going to demand solutions for survival, and there is only one solution that fits the bill: a New Bretton Woods system on the basis of agreement among the United States, Russia, China, and India, to bury the imperial global financial system once and for all.

We could point out, of course, that the current disaster is the predictable consequence of the destruction of the world financial system put into effect from, especially 1971 on, even back to the onset of the Truman Administration. Lyndon LaRouche has been at pains to lay out that reality, and the alternative policies which could avoid it, throughout this whole period. But LaRouche was kicking against the pricks over these decades, and most people just didn't want to hear it. They blithely ignored the handwriting on the wall, and the world careened from crisis to crisis: 1979 to 1987 to 1998, and now to 2007-08.

But it has become a lot harder to ignore reality. The waves of crisis, coming as a result of the insane monetarist measures that were promised to literally paper over the crisis, are coming faster and faster. And the consequences of failing to adopt sane solutions, are hitting more rapidly as well. As in the case of the war being waged by Dope, Inc. against the world's population, tackling the cause of the problem is becoming a matter of survival itself.

Thus, it is critical that all thinking citizens approach the inauguration of the Obama Administration with good will, and the determination to give it the latitude it needs to adopt the essential measures of bankruptcy reorganization and economic reconstruction. Stupid things will be said, even stupid commitments made. But they can, and will, be changed under the pressure of reality, if the solutions are persistently and forcefully put forward.

Shaping U.S. policy, however, will not be enough to get us out of the mess. Only a combination of the United States, Russia, China, and India will have sufficient clout to take on the opposition which the controllers of the globalized financial system have mounted, and will mount, to prevent their removal. Assembling that combination once Bush is out of office, will be a lot easier, but not simple. And it has to happen fast.

The reality—the threat of a global civilizational collapse if LaRouche's solutions are not implemented—is hitting quicker and harder than ever before. Foolish illusions are dying, and now is our chance to rebuild for ourselves, and our posterity.

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