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This article appears in the August 14, 2009 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

The Revolution Is Here!

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Forget the polls, and all the media blather. The American people have begun to make the truth known in the streets: They no longer accept their Congress and their President. A period of revolutionary ferment has begun. The question of what kind of revolution will occur, has still to be determined.

The dynamic now being expressed in popular rage against Congress, and the President, is a true mass phenomenon, something which has not been seen in the United States for many decades. The American people are convinced that this government is out to kill them under its health-care policy—not to mention its economic policy. They have no trust or respect for any Member of Congress who votes for any of Obama's legislation—nor for him and his murderous advisors.

Most importantly, they are right.

And because they are right, Members of Congress—from all parties—are fleeing from this reality, out of their own sense of guilt and culpability. They are going into hiding from the constituents who elected them as recently as last Fall.

We have gone beyond a question of party, or formal organization. It's not just Democrats who are being roasted—all politicians are the target of hatred, because they have failed to defend the people. People are gathering to lambaste their Congressman if they happen to see him or her on the street. And the only way they are going to be satisfied, is if leadership takes over which addresses, and redresses, the actual cause of their rage.

There is only one source of that leadership today, and that is Lyndon LaRouche and his political movement. LaRouche is the living voice of the American Revolution, the only individual with the solution to the existential crisis which is now feeding the revolt. On Aug. 8, he enunciated again what must be done:

"Cancel the bailout!! Give us back the $25 trillion! Put this thing in bankruptcy, bankruptcy reorganization! Save the old style banking system, the commercial banking system. Go back to before Larry Summers. This is the action that must occur now!

"We want this action now. Stop the bullshit. Congress is in hiding. Members of Congress are a bunch of cowards, in hiding because they're conscious of the crimes they've committed against the people. The President is in hiding, because he can't be assured of any audience that wouldn't hate him! And he really deserves that.

"You've got to take these guys, the President's advisors on health care, get them out of here! Make them disappear! Make them go away! Get their resignations immediately. Restore the health-care policy of our previous period. Put this thing through bankruptcy reorganization. Cancel the bailout, save the commercial banks, even if we have to protect them in bankruptcy. Stop evicting people, put a freeze on evictions! Suspend evictions and foreclosures."

There is an alternative to following LaRouche's leadership, one that the British imperial sponsors of the Obama Administration prefer. That would be to take the road of the French Revolution—paving the path to a bankers' dictatorship. Chaos, collapse, mayhem—these are the mix which British Empire used to bring Napoleon Bonaparte to power, and destroy their rival France—the same thing they would like to do against the U.S. today.

Our job is to escalate the true American revolutionary tradition by spelling out LaRouche's prescription for what must be done to save our nation. The time is ripe.

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