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This editorial appears in the August 21, 2009 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Are the British Planning a Hit on Obama?

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"The British may very well be attempting to orchestrate U.S. politics by assassination," said Lyndon LaRouche, in a statement issued by the LaRouche Political Action Committee Aug. 16. "It would be dangerous to deny this. That is why I am speaking out, as a responsible public figure, now. If anything happens to the President, you can start with the assumption that orders came from London. Preemptive exposure is the best insurance against something happening to the President."

LaRouche was responding to a series of articles, allegedly keying off a recent study by the Anti-Defamation League-allied Southern Poverty Law Center, which claimed that a massive increase in radical militia activity was proof that a major domestic terrorist attack or a direct hit on President Obama was likely. Particularly significant were stories in two British Sunday papers, the Observer and the Independent, which claimed that the opposition to the President's health-care program came from a rabid right-wing extremist movement that could attempt to assassinate the President.

This sociological explanation, in itself, is totally incompetent, but such concoctions are frequently used to cover up the authorship of political hits.

Any attempt against Obama would come from the British, "who have a long history of assassinating American Presidents, from Abraham Lincoln, to William McKinley, to John F. Kennedy," LaRouche charged.

"There is a threat to President Obama from the British, who are angry at his failure to bring fascism to America," LaRouche continued. "It is estimated that the greatest danger to the life of the President is from a British assassination, aimed at attracting sympathy to the dead man's cause. Were this to happen it would represent a new 9/11 attack, with even more devastating consequences."

"We want the President safe," LaRouche added. "Unless he changes his policies in the immediate days ahead, he will become an object of ever-increasing hatred from the American people. We want to assure his safety, because there should be no guilt associated with hatred for the President's horrible policies, from bailing out Wall Street, to his so-called health-care reforms."

The charge that the population's hatred of the President's health policies is a physical threat to the President is a "degenerate lie," LaRouche said. These guys are "lying about the American people and lying about the actual popular upheaval against policies that will kill. The American people do not want to be killed, and these two British writers are stupid jerks who don't know the first thing about what is going on here. In point of fact, the people putting out this kind of propaganda are doing the most to set up the conditions for such an attack on the President. The citizens showing up at the town hall meetings around the country are showing a decent respect for the person of the President, while voicing their strong opposition to the policies he is promoting. The lying claims of racism are exactly the opposite of the truth. The made-in-London policies being promoted by this Administration are where the racism is to be found—hatred of the human race."

The President can still be pulled back from this policy, LaRouche has stressed. He has to be forced by institutional forces, as well as the population, to give up his ego-driven devotion to his Hitler health plan, and the genocidal maniacs who call themselves economists, who are pushing it. This is the safest course for both him, and the nation.

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