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This editorial appears in the August 28, 2009 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Your President's Mustache

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If there is an emblem for the mass strike ferment sweeping the United States, especially in the form of opposition to the President's proposed health-care "reform," it is the famous LaRouche PAC poster of President Obama with a toothbrush (Hitler) mustache. The poster is being reproduced en masse from the LaRouche PAC website, photographed and pictured in press all over the world, and fought over outside town meetings in state after state. Time and again, individuals have come up to LaRouche PAC organizers to demand copies of the poster, or to simply ask to carry it around the rally for hours. More than once, in the face of angry Obamophiles seeking to destroy the poster, groups of citizens have intervened to defend the LaRouche PAC organizers.

To the citizens massing at town meetings, who are properly outraged at the mortal threat to their health which the Obama plan represents, the meaning of this poster is clear. The Obama Administration's misnamed health-care reform is actually a replica of the Hitler "health" policy called T4, the euthanasia program begun in 1939, which consigned the lives of those considered useless or too expensive to care for, to the category of "lives unworthy of life."

But, to the media flaks who kiss the rump of the political establishment and the financial oligarchy that pays for the media, what is known as the "Obama'stache" means a different kind of threat. For they (accurately) understand the popularity and prominence of the poster to be a reflection of the fact that the poster's author, Lyndon LaRouche, is the intellectual leader of this mass strike process. LaRouche has not only called the shots on what the Obama policy is, but has also called for an agenda-changing solution, the one which would upend the power of these bloodsuckers, and put the nation on course to provide for all our citizens, in sickness and in health.

Thus, after a breakout in media coverage of LaRouche's role in the town meetings throughout the U.S., once again the word has gone out: Don't mention the Hitler parallel, and don't mention LaRouche! Kathleen Parker of the Washington Post Writers Group put it most succinctly in the Washington Post of Aug. 23: "There is something we can do about Hitler. The moment he shows up in any form, turn off the cameras."

One could laugh at such foolishness if the issue were not so serious. It is, of course, impossible for the media—just about as discredited as the Congress—to put the genie back into the bottle on the nature of the health-care "reform," and LaRouche's role, no matter how many times Rahm Emanuel and other such creatures call and pressure them. But there is a life-or-death issue involved here.

Those journalists, Republican opportunists, and Administration goons who are trying to suppress the 'Stache poster and LaRouche's authorship are lying. They are seeking to mislead people about the nature of the Obama health plan, and to suppress the crucial warnings that the LaRouche PAC is putting out. For the Obama plan does promote euthanasia, just as Hitler's T4 board did, and where people are denied these warnings, they cannot protect themselves from the murderous impact of the President's policy.

Any suppression of serious discussion about the Nazi nature of the President's program must be seen in the light of what happened in the Germany of the 1930s and 1940s. What happened, because voices attacking Hitler's euthanasia policy were suppressed? Whose side are you on?

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