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This editorial appears in the March 19, 2010 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Obama's March of Folly

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In what Lyndon LaRouche characterized as another "signal piece" on the fall of President Obama, veteran Democratic pollsters Patrick Caddell and Douglas Schoen wrote an op-ed published in the March 12 Washington Post, which was entitled "Democrats' Blind Ambition: Health-Reform Push Could Spell Doom for the Party Come November." The President's determination to push ahead on his wildly unpopular health bill, they say, is creating the risk of "unmitigated disaster."

What Caddell and Schoen are saying out loud, is what numerous senior members of the Democratic Party, and the broader institution of the Presidency, are saying behind closed doors: This narcissistic President is not only destroying himself politically, but he's destroying the country.

By doing so, the President is simply hastening the day when he will get a message from those very patriots: Either resign, or else.

Obama's new health jihad is only further ripping apart the government, and the nation. First, the President is demanding that House Democrats roll over and pass the hated Senate health-care bill—on the basis of trusting that the Senate will amend their bill later, to the House's liking. As numerous House members have said, such a procedure is not a leap of faith, but a leap into the abyss.

Second, the President is constantly lecturing the House Democrats that they have to do what he demands, no matter whether it means committing political suicide or not. This attitude, in addition to concrete measures being taken by the White House to get Congress in line, including encouraging the resignation or demotion of Members of Congress considered to be "problems," is leading to a virtual state of war between the Hill and the White House. The fact that New York Democratic Reps. Charles Rangel and Eric Massa, now hit with "ethics" problems, were both strong opponents of the President's Hitlerian IMAC board to oversee rationing of health care, has not been lost on the Congress.

Lastly, the President's renewed campaign to push through his health bill is further goading the American population, already in a mass-strike mode, into a state of fury, as they realize that he could not care less about the disastrous collapse in their standard of living, including job losses and home foreclosures—and about the fact that the majority of the American people outright reject his health reform scheme. Indeed, after Obama's March 8 public appearance on health, his negative rating (the difference between strong disapproval and strong approval) fell to its lowest level, minus 21. The last time it hit such a low mark, was just after the Senate Democrats rammed through the health bill on Christmas Eve 2009.

The President's every action is digging the political graves for himself and Democrats who spurn their constituencies to follow him. And if you doubt that London is egging him on, read the headline of the March 15 lead editorial in the Financial Times: "The Democrats' healthcare choice; passing reform will cost some of them their seats. So be it."

The British, as is their wont, are simply using their puppet Obama to get their fascist austerity plan through. They don't care if Obama is destroyed in the process. In fact, Obama can't win, but the American people can lose, if they don't mobilize behind Lyndon LaRouche's leadership for impeachment, in the immediate weeks ahead.

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