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This editorial appears in the July 23, 2010 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Welcome to Her Majesty's New Dark Age

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When Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron arrived in the United States July 20, he came bringing a gift which British puppet Barack Obama will be inclined to accept, but which has the clear intention of destroying our nation, as it will any other that tries it. It's called the "Big Society" policy, and it amounts to communitarian fascism.

"The Big Society is about liberation—the biggest, most dramatic redistribution of power from elites in Whitehall to the man in the street," Cameron bloviated in rolling out the plan July 19 in Liverpool. By that, he meant that the government will stop funding vital services, such as post offices, schools, fire departments, and the like, and turn them over to "communes" which will fend for themselves.

Unionists were quick to point out the obvious: Cameron and his finance man, George Osborne, have already decided on massive service cuts. But there is a deeper, more insidious intent behind this plan, whose avowed author is one Phillip Blond. Blond laid out his thinking in a September 2008 article titled "Medieval Thinking," in which he wrote: "Updating and recovering this earlier medieval model for the modern age is of course the task."

What Blond seeks is a return to the bliss of the Dark Ages, before it was destroyed (in his view) by "secular monarchs." He elaborates his vision:

We will all become property owners, as joint owners of community investment trusts, which will create local cooperatives and "indeed guilds, around which people can invest." Britain should hand its local post offices over to these local trusts. And so forth.

All this medieval mummery has been seen before, in the 20th Century. It is part of the ideology of, especially, Mussolini's fascist movement. However, its models are not Mussolini, but British "Catholic" fascists such as G.K. Chesterton and Hilaire Belloc, both of whom were Mussolini supporters and fervent anti-Semites.

How much Cameron understands of the ideological virus he is carrying is not known. But, witting or not, he is playing the standard British role of providing an example to be imitated by its "partner," the United States. Just as Tony Blair, a close friend of Obama, provided the model of Nazi health care which the President adopted, and pushed through the servile Congress, so the "progressive conservative" Cameron is here to sell communitarian fascism to the President.

It is telling, as well, that Cameron also has planned a meeting with Britain-lover (and would-be modern Mussolini) Michael Bloomberg, to discuss their common concerns.

Alas for Cameron, his visit will likely be disrupted by the rage of the American people, and even some Congressmen, about the devastation caused by BP in the Gulf. But, he will obviously try to stay "on message" for his Queen.

The question is, what will the American people do? As we in the LaRouche movement have insisted repeatedly, this nation only has one real enemy—the British Empire. That Empire has been determined to destroy us, ever since we won our independence, and subsequently became a powerful model for prosperous republicanism worldwide. And, with the accession of this President, they have come close to succeeding.

We have very little time to do what is necessary: Cripple the British Empire by dumping Obama, and implementing Glass-Steagall, this Summer!

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