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This editorial appears in the March 18, 2011 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

The Issue Is the Rim of Fire

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Anyone who is approaching the current catastrophe in Japan as a "Japan" or "nuclear" issue, is not only being idiotic, but could be outright dangerous, Lyndon LaRouche said March 14. "The problem is the Sun. The Pacific Rim of Fire has taken over."

The main culprits in this dangerous idiocy are the major Western media outlets, led, as usual, by the New York Times and leading British press. With sensational lies, virtually non-stop, they are trying to change the subject from what happened in Japan—a near-record earthquake and a massive tsunami—into an attack on nuclear power. It's not nuclear power which is a threat to civilization—it's the international press!

If these press controllers succeed in killing nuclear power and its advance, by appealing to and stirring up irrational fears, they will be responsible for murdering the very future of mankind in ways they probably don't even understand.

The nuclear plants in Japan were the victims of a process much more powerful, and much more serious, than most people can imagine. And the solution is to rapidly accelerate the science-driver programs of thermonuclear energy, and space science, which the genocidalist-run international press is trying to kill! In fact, the dominance of this anti-nuclear, genocide faction over the planet for the last 40 years, is a major factor in why mankind is not prepared for this crisis.

The crisis is known as the "Rim of Fire." LaRouche, with his LaRouchePAC Basement research team, has prepared an audio-visual documentary on the Rim of Fire, as a first step in defining the problem and the solution. What can currently be said is the following:

What mankind is facing is the activation of a rim of fire centered in the Pacific region, and all its abutting coasts. This corresponds to a period of intense solar flare activity, which is expected to last into 2013. Thus, there will be a period of high instability, during which a magnetic-field shift will be in process.

During this period the entire Pacific region, including the Pacific Coast of the American continent, is vulnerable to the effects of cosmic radiation emanating from the intense solar activity. The endangered areas include California, Chile, and Alaska, on the American side, and areas of the southern Asian-Pacific, such as Indonesia, and New Zealand, on the Asia side. California, with its known tectonic faults, is an area of particular danger.

Many scientists, of course, are well aware of the existence of what they call the Ring of Fire, a ring of intense earthquake and volcanic activity around the Pacific Rim. They are also aware of correlations between such activity and solar activity. But the political will to mobilize the kind of scientific renaissance required to address this threat, has, until now, been quashed by the British imperial financial system which dominates the globe.

The first step in solving any problem is to correctly define the problem, or ask the right questions. Thus, as LaRouche stressed, any jerk who believes in empty space, or who is complaining about nuclear power plants, is worse than useless in this situation. Don't look at Japan—look at the Solar System, and the galaxy of which it's a part. There, and only there, will it be possible to diagnose, and potentially avert, the otherwise certain doom of the Pacific Rim of Fire.

And watch the LPAC video. This is one of the rare occasions where your life depends on it.

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