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This Editorial appears in the April 1, 2011 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

The German Earthquake

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The British Empire, determined at its core to suppress human scientific achievements which threaten its ability to loot and rule, won a dramatic victory in Germany March 27. Aided by a lying press campaign against nuclear power which would make Nazi Propaganda Minister Goebbels blush, the Green Party won sufficient seats in the Baden-Württemberg state elections, to gain its first state minister-president in that country.

"This poses a real threat to Germany as an industrial nation," charged Helga Zepp-LaRouche in her discussion of the election results. As the only voice of sanity for nuclear science and development, Zepp-LaRouche's political party the BüSo, is determined to escalate its efforts to fill the leadership vacuum in the country, against this threat.

The immediate lessons of the German vote are chilling in their implications.

First, there is the shameless campaign of anti-nuclear hysteria which was waged by the press and the London-funded anti-nuclear movement. More than any other country, Germany was subjected to lies about the damage from the earthquake/tsunami-caused nuclear accident in Japan—complete with pictures of rubblefields accompanied by headlines about the crippled nuclear plants. The day before the election, the cynical anti-science mob called demonstrations against nuclear power, which drew upwards of 250,000, the largest ever in Germany on this issue.

Not since the Flagellants in the Dark Ages have the streets of Europe been filled with so many fear-ridden, demented people. And what has been so far successful in Germany, is precisely what the British funders of the anti-nuclear movement want to accomplish worldwide, including in the United States. For the world's survival, this must be stopped.

Secondly, there is the role of the utter lack of leadership in defense of the vital interests of the German nation in the run-up to this election. The Christian-Democrats, the party of Chancellor Angela Merkel, which had been in power in Baden-Württemberg for 58 years, knew it was in trouble in the state election. Did it fight to defend the precious machine-tool industry in that state, and the principle of economic progress? To the contrary. Merkel herself capitulated to the Green lies by moving against Germany's nuclear industry, thus enraging the CDU's own pro-nuclear base.

The election defeat deprives Merkel and her coalition partner, the Free-Democratic Party, of a majority in the upper house of parliament. Germany is headed for ungovernability, or worse—a goal the British Empire holds for all sovereign nations—unless Germans turn to principled leadership, like the BüSo.

The third lesson is more hopeful: There is every indication that the voters who swept the Greens into power, will turn against them just as quickly. The world is in the midst of a mass-strike process, in which the population, including that in Germany, is in a state of revolt against the institutions which are destroying their lives. As we have seen in the developments in Wisconsin and Ohio, an election victory can be followed almost immediately by a popular uprising against those swept into office only a month before.

The anti-human Greens, in Germany and elsewhere, will only worsen the financial meltdown and collapse of living standards which is driving that mass-strike process. That means that more people will seek answers to the fundamental questions of value, and science, which the current existential crisis created by the British Empire, in the face of galactic danger, raises. Mankind is at stake—and those who confront that reality with reason, still have time to act.

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