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This editorial appears in the September 20, 2013 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Learn This History—Now!

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An extraordinary video interview was posted on this week, one which every American patriot prepared to fight for his nation should see and use. "A Profile in Courage: Congressman Neil Gallagher" features the former New Jersey Congressman, now 92, speaking about his fight for the policies of President Kennedy, and against the police-state apparatus enforced by the FBI during the 1960s. It is a history lesson that speaks volumes about what has ailed our nation, since the death of Franklin Roosevelt—and what must be defeated today.

The details of the story are best left to be heard from Cornelius Gallagher (who served in Congress from 1959 to 1973), himself. To the younger generation, it will be a shocking revelation of the depth of the corruption which has penetrated the U.S. government for many decades before the current scandals around the NSA. To the older, it should stir the remnants of conscience, as it was expressed in the days of active struggle against the "secret government" which was exposed in the 1960s, a struggle in which Gallagher was an outspoken leader.

"But they lost," I can hear you say. Congress today continues to be controlled, not only by the blackmail exercised through an even broader array of government security agencies, but through the seemingly endless streams of money coming from Wall Street to buy votes and silence. Indeed, just this last week, LaRouche PAC organizers on Capitol Hill found themselves face-to-face with a top-level Congressional staffer who repeatedly insisted that the truth about the 9/11 attacks and Syria war should never be told, because "we need the Saudis."

It was precisely that attitude, of kowtowing to the powerful paymasters, that prevented the truth from coming out about the JFK assassination, perpetrating a coverup for the British and their assets in the United States government, which has put us on the path to our current disaster.

Lyndon LaRouche had some stern, but appropriate words for this situation during his discussion with the LaRouche PAC Policy Committee Sept. 16.

"We know, from the Gallagher case, for example, how the fraud was run against him, and we realize, as he pointed out, that the problem was that the Congress was full of people, some of whom had been honest people, but under the pressure of certain forces inside the U.S. government, they would lie against their friends, and apologize to their friends for lying, which was what happened to Gallagher.

"So, the time has come, to pull the rug out from under this nonsense—why? Because the situation of the people of the United States, is such now, that most people out there have nothing, nothing! which will keep them from saying, "I want no more of this thing." This time, they will not walk out. This time, they will not turn against their own friends. Because they're out there, they're convinced that this government under this command, is not willing to do anything, except let them die, the people out there!

"And therefore, the time has come, there's no apology for members of Congress or other officials, who commit a treasonous act, which would be supporting the Saudi Prince Bandar, and his role in Syria, and other things of that type."

The "other things" most definitely include actions to block the immediate reinstitution of Glass-Steagall, the unique action required for cutting down the power of Wall Street and its British sponsors, and getting our republic back.

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