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This editorial appears in the October 18, 2013 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Glass-Steagall, To Stop Genocide

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The time for temporizing is over. Either Glass-Steagall is passed now, to break the power of Wall Street and the Obama Administration, or we are headed for an acceleration of the policy of Hitler-style genocide against the American people, beyond most people's belief.

Lyndon LaRouche laid out the reality in April of 2009, when he identified the literally fascist policies being promoted by that Nero-like personality, Barack Obama. The formal enunciation of the Obama "health" policy, further substantiated the case: This was a program based on exactly the same premises as Adolf Hitler's 1939 order to his Nazi doctors, giving them authorization to terminate "lives no longer worthy of life." Through various technocratic means, those considered too old, or sick, or otherwise useless to society, were to be denied medical care, and eventually murdered outright.

The spokesmen for, and the details of what LaRouche PAC dubbed the "Hitler health-care" program of Obama, bore out this reality, then and now. The target was "excessive care," "overutilization," "ineffective" treatment. Chilling analyses calculating the number of "quality life years" an individual had left, used to calculate in dollars and cents whether resources should be spent to keep them alive, were issued by the green-eye-shaded genocidalists hired by Obama, especially Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel and Peter Orszag of the Office of Management and Budget.

And to ensure that Congress not "go all wobbly" on implementing the plan, the Obama Administration demanded powers be given to "independent" bodies, free from political influence, to enforce cutbacks in medical services that would kill off whole sections of the U.S. population. The targets of these bodies would not only be rationing health care, but slashing support for the old, poor, and sick through cutbacks in Medicare, Social Security, and Medicaid.

Billionaire Peter Peterson, for one, has dedicated virtually his full attention to achieving these murderous cutbacks, utilizing, among other means, a manufactured hysteria over the nation's debt.

Over the course of the last few years, British agent Obama, aided by members of both parties, apparently equally committed to such a genocide policy, have beat the drums for establishing such an "independent commission" to ram through these horrors. There was Obama's Simpson-Bowles Commission, better known as the "Catfood Commission," because it would lead to older people being reduced to eating catfood, through its cuts in Social Security and other social safety-net programs. When that failed, there was the Super-Committee of 2011, which also failed, and brought us Obama's alternative, the sequester, instead.

Meanwhile, between the passage of Obama's Affordable Care Act and the austerity cuts agreed to by both parties, the process of eliminating those considered "useless eaters" has proceeded apace. Elderly and poor people are being denied care, doctors who don't go by the accountants' diktat being driven out of practice, non-profit hospital facilities shut down. Even establishment institutions such as the New York Times have begun to expose the reality, in their own way.

But, we are reaching the end of the line. Wall Street, and the Obama Administration, intend to use the current manufactured crisis in Washington, to force through more devastating cuts. As with the Nazis, it starts with the poor and sick—but it ends up killing you.

Face the truth—and act.

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