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This editorial appears in the November 8, 2013 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Facing a Crisis Beyond Belief

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In discussion Nov. 3, Lyndon LaRouche told his key organizers that the United States, and the world, are on the verge of a crisis beyond belief. We are converging on warfare. The passage of time, LaRouche warned, is deadly. He expects a big break in the strategic situation very soon. It could come in the form of a dribbling series of events or otherwise.

We are, however, clearly at the point of a breakdown of the trans-Atlantic financial and social system, or, on the verge of world war. There are now widely recognized European crises, and Obama crises in the United States. From Obama, we can expect sudden and desperate action at any moment.

LaRouche emphasized that in the U.S.A., we are on the verge of an acute food crisis, which is coming because it was predetermined to happen. There is insufficient food for a minimum standard of living, and this is compounded right now by the cuts imposed by the Obama sequestration on the Food Stamp program. Parents will be giving up food for themselves this Winter so that their children do not starve.

In Europe, Troika-dictated cuts are literally murdering citizens by depriving of them of jobs and health care—as the situations in Greece and Cyprus attest.

So the United States and Europe are both heading for a social crisis of as yet unknown character. What is clear here in the United States is that the population has been willfully humiliated and the reactions are unpredictable. This is the greatest crisis in modern history, and that stark reality must inform all of our activities.

Without the removal of Obama from office, and the passage of Glass Steagall in the immediate weeks ahead, the U.S.—and with it, world civilization—is doomed.

But, where does the courage to face that stark reality come from? As LaRouche has emphasized repeatedly, it comes from having a prescience of the future, of the requirements for creating a future for mankind: knowing that if mankind continues on the current course, under the thumb of Empire, and committing oneself, come what may, to making a contribution to the survival, and improvement of conditions of life, for the generations that will come afterward.

It was to that purpose that the LaRouche movement convened a conference in Los Angeles on Nov. 2, dedicated to the mission of "Developing the Pacific and Ending the Grip of Empire." As conference co-chairman Michael Steger said at its opening, "We are here today to present the future of mankind." Over the course of the 12-hour conference, the participants were treated to presentations, in addition to those by Helga and Lyndon LaRouche, by leading representatives from Japan, China, Thailand, and India on the perspective for building massive infrastructure projects, followed by discussions of the cultural paradigm shift required to bring mankind into such a future.

EIR will be featuring those presentations in coming issues.

Those optimistic developments rest heavily, however, on the participation of the United States, which will not happen as long as this nation remains a virtual captive of the Anglo-Dutch Empire. Under Barack Obama, as LaRouche has emphasized, such a change is impossible. His removal, in the context of bankrupting Wall Street through Glass-Steagall, thus becomes a sine qua non for the survival of the United States, and the planet as a whole.

The current crisis demands no less.

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