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This editorial appears in the November 15, 2013 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

LaRouche Issues Rescue Measures

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There are immediate measures that can be taken to address the desperate crisis now faced by the American people. Lyndon LaRouche laid them out, in his "Worse Than Weimar!" statement of Nov. 11.

In introducing these measures, LaRouche points out that

"as long as the current U.S. President, Barack Obama, remains in office, that already onrushing calamity is virtually unstoppable. In the fewest words possible, either Obama and Wall Street are both put through an urgently needed moral as well as financial reform, or the deadly catastrophe is virtually certain for virtually the entirety of the trans-Atlantic region sometime very soon. At the present date, both this President and much of the Congress have each remained increasingly hysterically impotent, through their own cowardice in refusing to face a future for which immediate remedies do exist, rather than face their own presently systemic errors.

"The insanity is, essentially, all about money. Dump Wall Street and its lunatic swindles, and relatively immediate solutions are available, as could have been the case in the immediate Versailles-crafted crisis which had led into the Adolf Hitler, Germany regime. Who brought Adolf Hitler into power in Germany? Who was to be blamed for the infamous 1929 Wall Street and London crisis? In both cases, it was the financial centers of London and Wall Street, then, as it is now."

Obama must be removed from office, LaRouche continues, and certain specific measures needed to organize a process of general economic recovery of our republic. These are the steps that all patriots must fight for now:

  1. Incapacitate President Obama's power to sabotage legitimate measures for removing that President from the position of power which he might attempt to use to prevent lawful support for the re-enactment of the original Glass-Steagall law as it had been crafted under the guidance of President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

  2. That measure should be sufficient to hamstring a corrupted President, to the effect of blocking the use of the power otherwise available to him for reason of his illicit blocking of the necessary, immediate reenacting of the original Glass-Steagall Law.

  3. This legitimate action against him separates the legitimate qualities of indebtedness from the forms of speculation associated with such agencies as Wall Street and its foreign likenesses.

  4. The U.S.A. law must be improved, to replace the notions of monetarism, that done by a system of U.S. Constitutional Federal credit.

  5. Since the residue of salvageable monetary credit in the U.S.A., as within the bounds of the left-over balance of U.S. monetary credit, will not be sufficient to launch a recovery, the medium of U.S. dollar-denominated credit, shall be employed for such included missions as:

    1. The recovery of the essential functions of each of the Federal States, and,

    2. The capitalization, in terms of the credit system, of medium- to long-term investments in higher orders of per-capita and energy-flux intensity than are supported presently, with an emphasis on ending the present suppression of the higher intensity of thermonuclear fusion needed for a truly modern economy: a space-age level of intensity of principal applications.

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