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This editorial appears in the November 22, 2013 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Mankind's Real Enemy

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Who has devised the policies which are destroying the United States and Western Europe with a new Nazi program to eliminate "useless eaters?" What is behind the still-present threat of thermonuclear war which could wipe out the human race? Whose power must be destroyed if mankind is to return to the pathway of scientific progress, last seen in the Kennedy era?

The answer is the oligarchical system, centered today in a global financial empire appropriately identified as the Anglo-Dutch Empire. It was against the predecessor of this Empire that Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa devised his strategy for mankind to go across the Atlantic to found a new, human civilization, as an inspiration for all mankind. And it was directly against this Anglo-Dutch Empire that the United States was created, as a conscious counterattack against the bestial oligarchical system that dominated Europe, and still does today.

From its very inception, the United States was targetted for destruction by that empire. That is the significance of Wall Street—which is simply an extension of the British Empire, controlling the United States. Destroy Wall Street, and you break the control of the British Empire, freeing the United States to play its unique historical role as a beacon of hope for all mankind.

In his Nov. 15 webcast, Lyndon LaRouche put it like this:

"So, what we have done, we have caved in to a kind of a treason against our own nation, to accept people who invade our country with their influence, cause us to commit virtual suicide out of becoming stupid, largely through banking systems, financial systems, financial institutions; and these are the things that have ruined the United States. But what was left, was that, still, to the present day, there is still a United States, a United States which is a product of the outcome of what Nicholas of Cusa inspired, from inside Europe, inspired eventually Christopher Columbus and other pioneers across the Atlantic Ocean, who built up national strength or quasi-national strength, across the waters. This gave the power within Europe, to free Europe from its own corruption, because nothing else had succeeded.

"Take the great Renaissance, the Golden Renaissance, out of which Cusa came: This was a powerful institution, and one of the greatest institutions that had ever existed. But! it was isolated by relics of the oligarchical system. And it was therefore crushed in Europe. And on that basis, Nicholas of Cusa, who was probably the greatest intellect of that century, went out for a campaign: We must now move, across the oceans to other places where we can set up a system for mankind which is not going to be crushed by the oligarchy: And that became the meaning of the United States. That, for me, as for some others, is still the meaning of the United States.

"The function of the United States is to destroy the oligarchical system, by assisting other people in other parts of the world to find the same freedom that we have for ourselves."

So, focus on the cause of the problem mankind faces, not its effects. The cause is the control of institutions globally, especially financial institutions, by an oligarchy committed to its own power at the expense of the majority of mankind. It can only be defeated by a reassertion of the republican principle of human creativity, exercised on behalf of all mankind through advances in science and technology. The specific measures then become obvious.

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