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This editorial appears in the December 13, 2013 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Waiting for the Real United States

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The real power of the United States has never lain in its military might, but in its dedication to the republican principles on which it was founded: the commitment to ensuring the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, through raising man up to his highest potential. That dedication, especially as expressed in the policies and actions of the Founding Fathers, Abraham Lincoln, and Franklin Roosevelt, was able to inspire nations around the world to join with the United States for a world order devoted to economic progress, national sovereignty, and peace.

Over recent decades, especially since the killing of President Kennedy, we have seen this power wane. Hatred and distrust of the United States are growing internationally, as a direct result of our abandonment of our essential principles. People today are hard-pressed to see the difference between the oligarchical evil of the British monarchy, and the associated international financial system, and that monarchy's historically greatest enemy, the American Republic. Even within our own nation.

Yet there is no substitute for reviving the republican American System, if we are to escape the oligarchy's plans for global fascism—which lead inexorably toward World War III with Russia and China. The United States can't reverse the world's downward trajectory alone—but our nation's leadership is absolutely essential to success.

A reflection of this reality is seen in the way the movement for Glass-Steagall is spreading throughout Western Europe. The ferment for this essential move against monetarist insanity is appearing in widely variegated locations, from the British House of Lords, to regional councils of Italy, to small towns in France, and the Greek parliament. Once again, as after World War II, the input of an American idea, FDR's Glass-Steagall, is seen as essential to survival.

On a smaller scale, but still palpable, we can even find a similar sentiment in Russia and China, where there is broad circulation and discussion of the economic policy proposals of Lyndon LaRouche.

But, where is the real United States, which can join with Europe and Eurasia to put mankind again on the pathway to progress? When will the United States of Franklin Roosevelt reappear, to answer the call of the rest of the world, and its own citizens, to act in the interest of a truly human future?

We, of course, don't know when, or even if this will occur. What we do know, is that the sine qua non of restoring the real United States, with its sovereign commitment to the principles of its Constitution and the well-being of mankind everywhere, is to throw off the power of Wall Street over the government, finances, and minds of the American people. And the essential means for throwing off that financier power, is the enactment of FDR's Glass-Steagall.

Thanks to the efforts of the LaRouche movement, and other allies, millions of Americans now realize the necessity of Glass-Steagall. Hundreds are actively involved in fighting for it, including extraordinary leaders willing to take on Wall Street, such as Maine's Andrea Boland. We can see by the very hysteria animating Wall Street against us, that we are close indeed.

We are fighting a new war for independence from the Empire, a war on whose outcome civilization depends.

Glass-Steagall Now!

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