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This editorial appears in the January 3, 2014 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Make 2014 the Year of Prometheus!

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The time has come for the principle of Prometheus, representing mankind's forethought and use of fire, to finally defeat the reign of mankind's oppressor, the bestial oligarch Zeus.

To most of those familiar with the ancient Greek figures of Prometheus and Zeus, they are considered mere myths. As the great dramatist Aeschylus portrayed it, the god Prometheus defied Zeus by giving fire to man, and was then subjected to eternal torture by the enraged tyrant—pinned to a rock to have his liver eaten by an eagle. Yet, Prometheus remained unbowed in spirit, confident in his foreknowledge that he would ultimately triumph.

But, as history should teach us, Aeschylus's portrayal is no flight of fancy. Zeus, as an individual or a class of individuals, has taken over human society during most periods, over thousands of years, imposing a regime of physical and psychological oppression that has repeatedly destroyed mankind in waves of wars, famines, and plagues. Repeatedly, however, Zeus was opposed by those acting as Prometheans, using their minds for scientific discoveries to lift up mankind to his true potential nature as a creature of thought, and love for his fellow man.

And Aeschylus's drama Prometheus Bound presents the conflict precisely.

For example: Asked by the Chorus why Zeus was tormenting him, Prometheus explained as follows:

"As soon as he [Zeus] had seated himself upon his father's throne, he immediately assigned to the deities their several privileges and apportioned to them their proper powers. But of wretched mortals he took no notice, desiring to bring the whole race to an end and create a new one in its place. Against this purpose none dared make a stand except me—I only had the courage...."

"Did you perhaps transgress even somewhat beyond this offence?" the Chorus asked.

"Yes, I caused mortals to cease foreseeing their doom," Prometheus answered. "In addition, I gave them fire ... and from it they shall learn many arts."

Here, the picture should become clear. The oligarchical principle was being played out precisely by Zeus, assigning privileges, plotting mass kills of mankind, as has been done repeatedly from the Trojan War on. In opposition, Prometheus gave man the ability to foresee a positive future, and the gift of "fire" by which he could defeat the oligarchy. The use of "fire," as Lyndon LaRouche has stressed, is the means by which mankind increases his power over nature, with ever-increasing intensity, thus enabling him to escape the extinction planned by the evil Zeus.

It was for good reason that the American Founding Father and scientist Benjamin Franklin was dubbed the "American Prometheus" in his time. A statue of Franklin in Boston today is inscribed: "He stole the fire from the gods, and the scepter from the tyrants."

Has this Promethean tradition been crushed? Oligarchical rule today, through the tyranny of money, is savaging mankind, "greenie-ism" is extinguishing the essential fire of nuclear fission and fusion in the West, and Evil appears all-powerful. The United States, despite its Promethean beginnings, has all but succumbed to the imperial principle of Zeus. Doom would appear ensured.

But it is not! As Prometheus foresaw, Zeus will ultimately be defeated. Mobilize in the image of Prometheus—and make 2014 the year of victory.

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