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This editorial appears in the January 10, 2014 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

On to the Moon!

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The landing of the Chinese rover Yutu on the Moon—nearly 40 years since the last craft touched down there—should be a cause of celebration of all mankind, and the launch of a long-overdue new era in space exploration. The Chinese accomplishment has already led to an explosion of excitement in that nation, and in many others, about the prospects for man becoming a spacefaring creature once again.

Lyndon LaRouche would call that perspective "Promethean": the outlook of exercising man's increasing mastery and power over matter, through control of higher and higher energy-flux densities. Since the death of John F. Kennedy, that outlook has been increasingly extirpated from the American population, only to arise irrepressibly in the Pacific region. It is a testament to the true nature of the human spirit, which must be aroused again around the globe.

The famous space scientist Krafft Ehricke, a leading contributor to the U.S. space program, dubbed the Moon the "seventh continent," and developed a whole concept of lunar industrialization, including the use of thermonuclear fusion power for space transport, and to power cities on the Moon. That perspective has been promoted widely by the Schiller Institute, founded by Helga Zepp-LaRouche—and is highly relevant today, in the context of mankind's necessary commitment to finally developing a fusion-based economy on a worldwide scale.

Man's travel to the Moon opens a vista of vast new powers for control of an entire portion of the Solar System. One reason for that control is, as LaRouche has emphasized, the need to deal with threats from space, those millions of asteroids which are speeding through Earth's neighborhood, some of which represent a very real threat to the planet. Another is the need for mankind to gain access to new, more powerful sources of power, including the abundant stores of Helium-3, a fuel for fusion power, on the Moon.

In this regard, readers would do well to watch the Jan. 1 "New Paradigm" show on LaRouchePAC-TV, which was dedicated to a discussion between Lyndon LaRouche and the LaRouchePAC Basement Science Team on the question of the Promethean concept and the space program. There, LaRouche discussed at some length the significance of the production of Helium-3 by the Sun, and what man can do with increased control. The following excerpt from LaRouche's remarks gives you the flavor:

"Now, once we start to milk the Sun's helium production, which is really, it's like the fire in the furnace, from a galactic standpoint; and we do that, that means that mankind is now going to have to think about absorbing larger and larger areas, and more densely, within the Solar System. The idea of going to matter-antimatter levels, when you get to the Solar System, looking at it from the Helium-3 standpoint, what you're looking at, is a different, higher-order process being centered in the Sun. You're beginning to see what the Sun really is. Now, you begin to see more accurately, exactly what the Solar System means, in terms of the role of the Sun!"

"We have to harvest this whole thing, we have to take charge of it," he added. The fact that we can be enabled to take charge of it, means that we're going to inhabit that area, or control it.... This would be our farm. So we're going to build up farming areas in the raw material of the Solar System."

So, once again, it's on to the Moon! Let man become the creative force in the universe he was intended to be.

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