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This editorial appears in the May 9, 2014 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

The Wicked Witches of Windsor

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War fever is sweeping the trans-Atlantic region, especially from the environs of the Obama Administration, NATO headquarters, and the British Isles. A reaction to this can be seen in the palpable upsurge of terror in Germany, whose experiences in the last two World Wars make the population especially sensitive to the existential danger.

But where, one should ask, is this pressure for war coming from? To whose lunacy should we attribute the push for a global confrontation between NATO and Russia, that would also certainly be an extinction event for the human race?

The answer is not hard to find, for in fact, the push for war is not triggered in the least by developments in Ukraine, the East China Sea, or any other "hot spot." Rather it lies in the intention of the global empire dominating the planet, the British financial empire, whose head is Queen Elizabeth herself. Yes, Queen Lizzie, the Witch of Windsor, is the focal point of an Empire determined to try to wipe out any opposition to its rule over a depopulated, de-industrialized planet—by pushing the world to the brink of thermonuclear war, or beyond.

As head of a global Empire, the Witch Queen has vast resources at her command—including her equally genocidally minded husband, her son and putative heir, her pet Tony Blair, and many others around the globe. In the United States, she relies on controlling the Presidency, as she did with George W. Bush and now Barack Obama, as indispensable tools in her global scheme. The pathetic, petulant, vacuous Barack Obama, an aspiring Nero, who has the power over the nuclear button that can destroy the world, and a record of ordering murder around the globe.

For the Queen, exercising control over Obama is easy. She is attended in her aim by a coterie of witches who do her bidding, constantly "advising," agitating, and manipulating the President to carry out her agenda of preventive war and confrontation. Just take a look at these Maenads: Valerie Jarrett, Susan Rice, Samantha Power, Victoria Nuland—every one of them intellectual lightweights, either trained in London, or by those pushing the London agenda. Not a one shows the slightest interest in reaching an agreement on world peace and development: it's bomb, sanction, and overthrow governments all the way.

See Nuland's lying testimonies before Congress, her blatant interventions to establish the current illegitimate government in Ukraine, and her distributing cookies on the Maidan. Hear the hysterical shrieks of Samantha Power and Susan Rice at the United Nations, where they dismiss all attempts at reasonable dialogue by screaming "Russian aggression."

Insight into the object of all this was provided by the Queen's own foreign policy think-tank, the Royal Institute for International Affairs, in an April 29 posting by John Lough. What Lough makes clear is that the British intention is to provoke the Russian government into taking military action in Ukraine, so that the desired confrontation can be blamed on Putin. Putin is acutely aware of this strategy, of course, and determined not to fall into it.

Lough's provocative intent appears in the headline: "Western Policy Needs to Exploit Russia's Weaknesses on Ukraine."

So, let's be clear: London, under the control of the Wicked Witch of Windsor, is the source of the threat of thermonuclear war. It's the power of the Queen, and her Maenads, that must be destroyed now—including by impeaching their tool Barack Obama now.

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