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This transcript appears in the December 18, 2015 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

To Prevent a Nuclear Armageddon

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Dec. 13—In Theodore Andromidas’s article in the EIR of September 25, 2015 , he proves conclusively that the underlying necessity for passage of the 25th Amendment was that an impaired President would have the power to start a nuclear war, or would be unable to meet such a challenge if it were instigated by another nation. He documents that in the case of Richard Nixon, during the end phase of the Watergate proceedings, James Schlesinger, then Defense Secretary, had ordered the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff not to take any orders from Nixon. Article 4 of the 25th Amendment was his authority to do so. Schlesinger’s was a pre-emptive measure, in case Nixon had gotten it into his head to start something irrevocable.

At Obama’s instigation, with British-Saudi backing, Turkish President Erdogan ordered a Turkish F-16 to ambush a Russian Su-24 tactical bomber whose coordinates were given to Turkey by the United States. It was indeed an act of war against an ally in the fight against ISIS. Obama is insane all right,—but in the way that Hitler was insane.

We have to face reality and move now.

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