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This article appears in the January 29, 2016 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Bertrand Russell Was Wrong; Human Creativity Can Overcome This Crisis!

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Jan. 21—You know,— those of you who have not become personally totally demoralized,— you know that this country and much of the world are in an existential crisis. This is far worse than 2008, and far worse than 1929. In the United States, you would have to go back to the pre-Civil War period, or to the time before our Revolutionary War, to find such a level of threat to our country. Nations including our own could effectively cease to exist before this cruel winter ends.

This is a season of death here. Cut off from hope, cut off from a useful existence, cut off from everything, many of our citizens are simply going out to kill themselves, whether with heroin or firearms.

In the trans-Atlantic area, we have a disaster which has apparently little or no future for mankind. However, in terms of Russia and China, we do have something that could be the answer to the problem. You have to understand that the history of mankind in recent times, has been that Asia has been a different region from the trans-Atlantic area. And it's the trans-Atlantic area, as centered in the British Empire, which is the primary source of all the evil that’s hitting now.

The key to understanding this, is the history of the British Empire. The British Empire is the source of evil, whereas you have a different possibility available in terms of Russia and China.

For mankind, there is always an available solution to this kind of problem. Where does it lie?

It lies in human creativity, and yes,— you can get there. On certain conditions. In order to get there, you will have to abandon most of the baggage you would like to carry with you. Which is essentially the British Empire, and those parts of the planet which are tied to the British Empire.

Like the current financial system. This financial system is a fake. It’s the source of the destruction. You have to get rid of the financial system,— and that is the key to the solution.

As soon as we do that, the bleeding will stop!

It is Bertrand Russell who created this, and it was Bertrand Russell’s influence on the U.S. economy, and related things, which caused this destruction.

This problem goes back to the death of the great genius Gottfried Leibniz at the end of 1716. Leibniz was the key to that entire period of history; his death left a huge gap among our forces. Leibniz was the inspirer of the American Revolution, along with much else. Later, decades after Leibniz’s death, it was the genius Alexander Hamilton who came forward to pick up Leibniz’s role and effectively found the U.S.A. Only Hamilton’s economic principles make sense: forget everything else!

Our crisis today is far worse than what Franklin Roosevelt faced, but the same Hamiltonian principles apply. Those principles can bring about a turnaround and eventual recovery now, as they did then. The problem is that so many of our citizens have become too stupid to grasp them. The stupidity which is manifest in submission to Wall Street, and even more particularly to the FBI system which substantially took power in the United States beginning in 1944, even before Franklin Roosevelt’s death. It was the introduction of the FBI system which has caused the destruction of the economy of the United States.

Our citizens’ minds have fallen prey to the evil influence of London’s Lord Bertrand Russell (1872-1970), whom Lyndon LaRouche has called “the most evil man of the Twentieth Century.” Russell devoted his life to making men stupid so that they might be easily controlled,— or, as now, killed. His method was to insist on mathematical thinking, which has long been the leading form of abject stupidity worldwide. Beginning in 1900, he succeeded, and progressively destroyed the Twentieth and Twenty-first Centuries. For most of you, this is what you “learned” in school. If you have children, this is all they are so-called “learning,” and in a more wretchedly stupid form. This is the stupidity which Albert Einstein, like Lyndon LaRouche, never accepted, and spent most of his life fighting.

Now let’s finally get rid of this nonsense. Your life, and a lot more besides, depends on it.

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