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This article appears in the March 11, 2016 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Nothing Can Succeed without
the Discovery of the Principle of
the Back Side of the Moon

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March 3—What are nations? Why do we have them? What are they for? In reality, their purpose is nothing other than to better the condition of humanity, as John F. Kennedy said when he announced the mission to send a man to the Moon and return him safely to Earth, by the end of the long-ago 1960s. The means for that advancement of the human condition,— it is both the end and the means at once,— is through genuine discovery or noësis. What is true for a nation, is even truer for an alliance of nations like the BRICS, the Eurasian Economic Union, or the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. Even if they are still new and fragile, these linkups of Eurasian nations already point to the future of humanity.

Only in this condition of creativity is man truly happy; only in this condition is he genuinely himself. Yet this condition is virtually outlawed in the United States of today and recent times, as in Europe, and in Central and South America. Peer-group pressure and all the traditions of education insist on mere repetition of the approved formulas; on mere deduction rather than noësis. Under this regimen man can never know the future.

Just now, at this moment, the remarkable and unexpected success of Russian President Putin’s intervention into Barack Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s murderous stew in Syria, has forced to the surface the realization that trans-Atlantic society has been a failure,— a historic failure. We must look to Eurasia, and the United States must henceforth have a Pacific, rather than Atlantic orientation.

Obama shows forth clearly as a British agent, and nothing but a British agent, who has killed a great many people. And Hillary Clinton is in the same mold.

The trans-Atlantic community is a lost cause right now; it can’t and won’t come back in this form. If it is to come back, it will first have to be reborn anew. The remains of the trans-Atlantic community, in this form, are gone. We must create a new form of society, as has been done in the past,— by Charlemagne, for example. That’s what we have to fight for: a future which will be a true future.

This is the meaning of Kesha Rogers’ highly intellectual and highly inspirational campaign to return to our future in the exploration and conquest of Solar and Galactic space. Key individuals are already being drawn towards Kesha from around the country and the world.

What this means is what Lyndon LaRouche said in a discussion on March 1.

We’ve got to say one thing. One thing: nothing will be successful unless the nations recognize the discovery of the principle of the back side of the Moon. In other words, you can’t say you can take what’s going on right now, and interpret that into a good effect. You’ve got to cancel that, and say, “Well, the problem is we have not yet understood what lies behind the Moon.” And when we find out what is behind the Moon, which is being worked on by the Chinese and other persons, and going back to the ABCs of the original space program, without going back to these things which Obama cut down,— Obama struck those programs down, and therefore he should be punished seriously for his crimes on that account. Instead of trying to interpret something and put a different, better spin on it,— that doesn’t work. Because without the space program, which means the back side of the Moon in particular,— without that approach, you don’t get anything, you don’t get anywhere. You’ve got to do that! It’s not an option that you might choose or not choose. You can’t deny it: You have to recognize that that’s what you have to do.

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