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This article appears in the March 25, 2016 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

You Have Totally Failed—
It’s Time To Bow Out

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March 17—You who believe it all comes down to numbers. You who believe it all comes down to money (and sex). In one sense, you’ve finally won it all, especially after almost four terms of George W. Bush and Barack Obama. Now there’s probably no school in the country that teaches actual science,— only empty mathematics, the fetishism of numbers,— which is the same old babble of the ancient Babylonian priesthood. And as LaRouche PAC leader Kesha Rogers of Texas has pointed out, when Obama shut down our space program, he shut down the last vestige of the optimistic, capable America of Jack Kennedy which the world rightly looked up to.

You’ve won,— but you’ve won what? The United States and the whole trans-Atlantic region is nothing but a corpse now. Unlike the United States of Franklin Roosevelt or Jack Kennedy, the United States of Barack Obama is hated throughout the world as the mass murderer he is, and it is. All we represent now is Obama’s threat of death from the skies to the murder victims he selects in the White House every Tuesday, in special meetings called “Terror Tuesdays.” And beyond that, Obama’s imminent intention of a species-extinguishing thermonuclear attack, especially, right now, against China.

Our economy is gone under Obama, hope is gone, and the strata of our most productive skilled workers are instead committing suicide in unheard-of numbers. Yes, indeed, you’ve won. But won what?

This the long-delayed payoff for allowing Franklin Roosevelt’s policies to be reversed by the FBI beginning in 1944, while that President was still alive, although exhausted, and still in the White House. This is the payoff for allowing Jack Kennedy to be assassinated, and the thrust of his policies with him. For allowing his younger brother to be assassinated within reach of the White House, without the needed fight to continue their legacy. Then, when Ronald Reagan was severely wounded in an assassination attempt at the very beginning of his term, the Bush family used the period of Reagan’s long convalescence to substantially take over his Presidency, and railroad Lyndon LaRouche to prison, to bury the revolutionary “SDI” policies LaRouche had authored for Reagan, which would have saved this nation by pivotting into a new Renaissance for mankind.

Where were you then? Where are you now?

Now that you have rejected all these attempts to save you, only a much harsher treatment is still available to you. Finally reject once and for all, every idea that it all comes down to numbers (or sex), and from there, finally grasp Lyndon LaRouche’s discovery dating back to the 1950s, which revolutionized the science of economy, analogous to Bernhard Riemann’s great scientific discovery displayed in his Habilitation Dissertation.

Now this discovery is being reflected back into the dying trans-Atlantic system from a successful Eurasia, especially from Russia, China, and the BRICS nations. Lyndon LaRouche was integrally involved in the fashioning of the unprecedented Russia-China alliance which was at the heart of the RIC that became the BRICS, but that is a longer story for another time. After developing the SDI policy for Reagan, Lyndon LaRouche worked with his wife Helga to develop what became known as the Eurasian Land-Bridge, today called the New Silk Road, or China’s “One Belt, One Road” policy, which is at the heart of the Renaissance of Eurasia.

If America is to survive, it must join with China and Russia now. Obviously, national identities and senses of national identity will change. Those who have joined the numbers game must recognize their failure and step down. The rest of us must rise to the level which Lyndon LaRouche has so long represented.

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