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This article appears in the March 25, 2016 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Face Reality—The Trans-Atlantic Is Doomed:
The Future of Mankind Lies in Eurasia

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March 16—The Daily Telegraph’s Ambrose Evans-Pritchard has gone hysterical over his recent “discovery” that the trans-Atlantic region is now entering a hyperinflationary blowout. In fact, anyone in their right mind should be well aware that the United States and Europe are already doomed. The U.S. economy is hopeless, and nothing short of a total shift in policy—away from the belief in money over human creativity—can avoid total destruction. There can be no economic revival or even survival under the present policies. It is a miracle that the United States still even exists at this point, since there are no mechanisms to save the economy.

The crisis is most graphically expressed in the skyrocketing rates of suicide, drug overdose deaths, and declining life expectancy in the United States.

We are on the edge of a global collapse, from which the trans-Atlantic region cannot possibly survive. The Crash can come any day at this point, and it is this reality that has prompted the hysteria from the likes of European Central Bank (ECB) head Mario Draghi and British Crown scribbler Evans-Pritchard.

The only recourse for the trans-Atlantic region is to cancel Wall Street and London—wipe them out altogether, and then completely change the concept of the economic system.

There are two irreconcilable concepts of economy. There is the British-Wall Street concept of money, money, money. Money per se has nothing to do with real value. The alternative system, the Hamiltonian System that FDR understood and carried out, rejects money, rejects Wall Street. It is based on human discoveries that translate into scientific and technological advances that create real wealth and advance mankind’s growth.

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt had the concepts, and put those concepts into practice as President—until the FBI and the Republicans shut down the Roosevelt program even before FDR’s untimely death. No system built on money and finance can work, and that was what FDR understood.

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Theo Pirard
China’s first female astronaut, Liu Yang, gave a powerful interview after the National People’s Congress on the prospects for China’s space program. Here she is shown (right) with EIR’s William Jones and Marsha Freeman at the Naples International Astronautical Congress in 2012.

Russian President Vladimir Putin does not operate in a money system. The Chinese leadership under Xi Jinping do not operate in a money system. Eurasia is being organized under different principles, led by China’s quest to realize man’s extraterrestrial imperative. This idea was available for all to see on the final day of the just-concluded National People’s Congress in Beijing. One of the PLA delegates, China’s first female astronaut, Liu Yang, gave a powerful interview to CCTV on the prospects of China’s space program. China is also well underway in constructing the world’s first commercial high-temperature gas-cooled reactor. This is real economy—not the insanity of money, money, money that has plagued the United States since the death of FDR, with very few moments of exception.

Xinhua/Xing Guangli
Chinese Premier Li Keqiang made it clear at the National People’s Congress that no outside political force was going to disrupt the China-Russia strategic partnership. Premier Li Keqiang is shown here greeting journalists at his press conference after the closing of the Congress on March 16.

In a different way, Russian President Putin personifies the same principle: The key to everything that Putin has done to turn around the Syrian situation, is that he is always on the move, always pulling off a surprise flank—at the strategic level. Putin is well aware that he is not acting alone, but is operating on behalf of a partnership with China. Chinese Premier Li Keqiang made this point clear in his final address to the NPC: No third party factor is going to disrupt the China-Russia strategic partnership. In India, Prime Minister Modi has launched a revolution in the agricultural sector, which is key to India’s future. In his new budget, he announced an 84% increase in investment in the agricultural sector—on top of related investments in roads, rails, chemicals, and fertilizer production.

Putin is driven by a deep personal experience. Much of his family died during the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union in World War II. That experience informs his mind. Without an appreciation of who Putin is as a world leader, and where he came from, it is impossible to understand his actions. That is why the vast majority of so-called “strategists” in the West are baffled by his flanking actions.

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