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This article appears in the May 6, 2016 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Expose the Saudi-British Role
In 9/11! Dump Obama Now!

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Host Matthew Ogden began the LaRouche PAC International Webcast of April 29 by quoting from an April 28 National Public Radio interview with former Senator Bob Graham, who was the co-chairman of the Joint Congressional Inquiry into 9/11. Ogden then summarized what Lyndon LaRouche had said after hearing that interview.

Senator Graham:

The reason why the 28 pages are so important is that they were the conclusion of the congressional inquiry into 9/11 as to how that plot was financed. Who paid for it? And while I can’t discuss the details of that chapter, they point a strong finger at Saudi Arabia.

What we do know publicly was that there were agents of the Saudi government which assisted at least two of the hijackers who ended up living in San Diego—provided them with financial support, with anonymity, with a place to live and with flight lessons, and protected them for, in one case, over a year. The FBI has turned over to a federal court, through a Freedom of Information Act case, 80,000 pages involving an investigation that took place in Sarasota, Florida, of the relationship between Mohammed Atta, the leader of the 19 hijackers, and two of his henchmen, and a prominent Saudi family, which had lived in Sarasota for six years. Two weeks before 9/11 they left under what were described as urgent conditions to return to Saudi Arabia, creating the inference that they were tipped off and decided they would be better off someplace else than in Sarasota when 9/11 occurred.

NPR asked Graham: “Do you believe that consecutive administrations have been protecting the Saudi royal family against the interests of United States citizens?”

Yes. And I think it’s been more than a cover-up. I think it’s been what I call aggressive deception. There are instances in which the FBI has publicly released statements which I know from personal experience were untrue. They stated that in this Sarasota situation, they had completed the investigation, that the investigation determined that there were no connections between the hijackers and the prominent Saudi family, and that they had turned over all of this information to both the congressional inquiry and the 9/11 Commission. I know for a fact that none of those three statements is true.

NPR: “Let me get this right, sir. You are alleging that the FBI deliberately lied about this issue and that there has been a cover-up.”

Sen. Graham interrupted to say: “It’s more than a cover-up. The FBI misstated what is in their own records relative to the situation in Sarasota.”

He was asked: “What do you think needs to happen?”

He replied: “I think we need to have a general re-opening of the investigation into 9/11. Both the Congressional [Inquiry] and the 9/11 Commission operated under tight time restraints, which precluded the full inquiry that needs to be held when the 9/11 issue is reopened.”

Mr. LaRouche said, after listening to this interview, that this is cut and dried. it cannot be argued with. Everything that Sen. Graham said was absolutely right. He said,

Justice must finally be served to the citizens of the United States. It can no longer be postponed. Nobody can say, “Let’s just put this off, let’s put this off, let’s put this off for another week.” It must happen now. The true story has been covered up for far too long. Sen. Graham’s statements on this are cut and dried. His identification of the “aggressive deception” by the FBI goes right to the point, and cannot be argued with. Remember, the FBI is under the jurisdiction of the Justice Department, which is a member of the Executive Branch, which places this entire operation right on Obama’s doorstep. The Executive Branch can’t act without the President’s direct orders.

Any attempt to perpetuate this is a violation of the Constitutional rights of the citizens of the United States, in the interests of what is proved to be a hostile, foreign, power, right up to the point of what could be called approaching treason. The danger is that of World War III, which would threaten the destruction of not only the United States, but the entire world. Not a day goes by that there is not a provocation occurring somewhere in the world by Obama against both Russia and China, any one of which could light the fuse for World War III. We cannot wait, we cannot put things off. We can’t say, “Oh, just a few more weeks, just a few more months.” World War III is at our doorstep, and World War III would mean the destruction of the human race.

The ceasefire in Syria is nearing the point of disintegration. The role of Saudi Arabia and Turkey in this is apparent and a very obvious point, and the strategic leverage that is needed through the declassification of the 28 pages, would stop this war. This shows you just one example—a very immediate example—but this is just one example of the strategic necessity of releasing the 28 pages and exposing the Saudis and their partners in the British monarchy for what they are and what they did in the case of the crime of 9/11.

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