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This editorial appears in the May 27, 2016 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

LaRouche’s Triple Curve

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Great endeavors in human history have been lost for the sake of a pseudo-religious belief in what are considered by popular opinion to be the necessary prerequisite steps for victory. Moses himself encountered such corruption as he led his people through the desert some 3,000 years ago. Although such prerequisites are often identified—in the hindsight of a successful outcome—as necessary steps, only the foolishness of a mathematician would make possible the belief that such formulae resemble anything like the basis for actually accomplishing a fundamental transformation in the historical trajectory of human development.

It is a unique accomplishment within trans-Atlantic society and over the last 50 years of cultural degeneration, that Lyndon LaRouche has rejected any tendency toward, and overcome all influences of, reductionist thought in his strategic intervention, and for this reason, the FBI has failed to eliminate his international influence. But it has been successful in corrupting much of his organization, although the leading participants in LaRouche’s movement could not deny that they had been warned of such corrosive intellectual tendencies. His unjust imprisonment in 1989 at the hands of George H.W. Bush and his British Crown controllers left his organization susceptible to the insidious conceptions of Bertrand Russell and his opportunistic sycophants that LaRouche had clearly rejected as his first step towards achieving the foundation of a higher economic and strategic program of human development.

Above all, LaRouche’s intent was not simply a new economic system, which we finally see manifest in the Eurasian System—also referred to as the BRICS, based largely on the collaboration of Russia, China, and India—but the scientific recognition of the higher domain of human creative thought and its willful development through the power of creative imagination, based upon the classical compositional principles of especially Bach, Mozart, Beethoven.

The Folly

It was this higher ordering principle of thought which was manifest in 1995 when LaRouche defined the Triple Curve function of economic collapse. In presenting the concept at a conference of associates in February 1996, he opened his presentation with remarks such as these:

What is dooming us is our people; what our people believe. Because these people we like to blame,— we talk about the ‘crooked politicians,’ we talk about the conspirators on Wall Street, we talk about this, we talk about that, always blaming someone else. And if they’re a public figure, as in the old days, when some people wore top hats, it was more fun to throw a snowball at a top hat. So we always blame somebody else. Now, the job of a leader is not to blame leaders. We can point out some are bad, some are defective, some are utterly immoral, some are barely human. But the problem lies in the people, not in the leaders. The problem, often, of oppression, lies in the oppressed. Because they will not accept any proposition that is not consistent with the assumption that they must remain ‘the oppressed.’

The Collapse Reaches a Critical Point of Instability

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EIR, Jan.25, 2002

It may be that LaRouche’s driving intention behind the Triple Curve function was to make clear that the tragedy befalling our nation and civilization itself, is not simply found in the relationships among the accelerating increase of financial instruments, the even greater increase in the acceleration of the monetary supply, and the accelerating collapse of real physical production—although they are important. It is that our very conception of our human identity in the universe has become fatally flawed, perhaps not irretrievably so, but recoverable only with serious repentance for the grave systemic errors of society which are so often nobly cloaked in the justifications of popularity, statistical probability, or the Hamlet syndrome, by which ungodly steps are taken merely to fight another day, a day—or a fight—which never seems to come.

Perhaps the greatest proof of such evil corruption of our society is seen in LaRouche’s own unjust imprisonment. For only by putting the leading economist and political figure in the United States behind bars, were then the economic compromises, made in the wake of the Fall of the Berlin Wall that LaRouche had uniquely forecast six years earlier, even feasible—economic folly so accurately captured in the Triple Curve function.

It is now time to learn the lessons of the past, to join with Lyndon LaRouche in the most ennobling mission in mankind’s history, and find success in doing what is considered by most to be the impossible, which is actually the practical, since it is in that mission, and only in that mission, that success is ever to be found.

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