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This article appears in the September 9, 2016 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.


This Week in Universal History

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Sept. 5—The critical weeks now before us put the question before every American (among others): how is it possible that the “little wheel” of the inmost private thoughts of the individual, succeeds in turning the “big wheel” of the historic process involving the direction and the fate of the nation and of the over seven billions of humanity as a whole, with its future, into the centuries to come?

The real story of the just-concluded China summit of the Group of 20, was that Chinese President Xi Jinping, along with Russia’s Putin and the developing world led by the BRICS, plus Japan and others, forced the question of the replacement of the present financial system. They insisted that the Wall Street-London system based on gambling is heading towards another crisis, and that it must be replaced by a production-oriented system led by science and by great, leading-edge international projects: the system centered in China’s New Silk Road policy, which President Xi calls, “One Belt, One Road.”

The financial underpinnings of that new, human system, are provided by a series of development banks which China has helped to launch, such as the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), and the New Development Bank of the BRICS.

As Helga Zepp-LaRouche noted yesterday, as the results of the G20 summit and the preceding Vladivostok summit become apparent over the coming days, it will become clear who stands for the cause of humanity, faced with the prospect of economic annihilation, and who is obstructing. Over these days, the U.S. Congress will convene on Sept. 6, and the United Nations General Assembly on Sept 13. At the same time, the series of top-level summits will continue in Asia.

What the U.S. Congress must do when it reconvenes is to pass Glass-Steagall, for which bipartisan bills exist in both Houses of Congress. It must also act upon the facts which have been revealed by the “28 pages” of the Congressional Joint Inquiry on 9-11: to act to remove Obama for his proven deliberate coverup of Saudi (and British) responsibility for 9-11, and to force out more hidden facts on the conspiracy of the Saudis and the British, and the complicity of Bush and Cheney,— but most important, of Obama. It was our failure to remove Bush and Cheney, which gave us Obama, who is even worse. Failure to remove Obama now will give us still worse, if we are still alive to see it.

At precisely this time of urgent need for immediate political action, the leadership of the Lyndon LaRouche movement, which is located in Manhattan, is preparing for what LaRouche had called for, a “living memorial” to the victims of 9-11,— the direct victims and their families first and foremost, but also the United States and every part of the world which has been victimized by the crime and its coverup. The center of that “living memorial” will be performances of Mozart’s Requiem, in which a great creator celebrates, not death, but the eternity of life and its mission in the face of death, through and beyond the centuries.

In and beyond this “living memorial,” the Manhattan-centered LaRouche movement is working to recreate a viable U.S. Presidency, from the same Manhattan location and through the same principles which Alexander Hamilton used in creating the original George Washington Presidency of the United States.

To address our initial question of “the little wheel” and “the big wheel”: The policy of the New Silk Road began as an idea: the idea of the European Productive Triangle which Lyndon LaRouche developed in the late 1980s, and developed further, with his wife Helga, into the Eurasian Landbridge, the New Silk Road, and the World Landbridge. And the triggering event for the Chinese space program, which will bring a robotic lander to the far side of the Moon for the first time ever in 2018,— was also an idea. It was Ronald Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative that convinced the Chinese leadership of the need for a crash science-development program including a crash space program, as will be developed in this EIR (see article "China Is Leading Mankind in Space"). The Strategic Defense Initiative was a policy which was invented by Lyndon LaRouche out of whole cloth, and of which Reagan became convinced.

And the development banks which are being launched today, were conceived by Lyndon LaRouche in the 1970s, when they were proposed before the United Nations General Assembly by Guyana’s distinguished Foreign Minister, the late Fred Wills.

As the great Russian scientist Vladimir Vernadsky showed in the first half of the Twentieth Century, human noësis, or creative reason, is the most powerful force in the universe. There is no power which equals that of the human mind in the mode of creative discovery.

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