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This editorial appears in the October 28, 2016 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

A Vote for Barack Obama Is a Vote for Thermonuclear War!
Remove Him Now!

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Oct. 25—It was five years ago that Lyndon LaRouche, alone, declared that the assassination of Qaddafi was the beginning of war with Russia. In his October 28, 2011 statement, “Qaddafi’s Death,” LaRouche said:

The manner in which British-directed interests, acting in concert with the British puppet known as U.S. President Barack Obama, have created and manipulated the recent warfare within Libya, has now created a serious, more or less immediate threat-potential of a “Third World War.” This is a threat potential which is coincident with the immediately threatened, general breakdown-crisis of the already hyper-bankrupt, trans-Atlantic monetarist system. That is to emphasize, that the manner in which the British-directed alliance in the Libya affair has concluded the Libya crisis, has turned the Libya affair itself into the threatened role of a detonator of the potential world-warfare which has been accumulated in the Southwest Asian “cockpit.” British-centered imperialist interests, as typified by the role of former Prime Minister Tony Blair as a featured instrument, using U.S. President Barack Obama as their puppet, have now created a pregnant state of world affairs akin to that portrayed in a virtual new H.G. Wells fantasy under the theme of “world warfare”—a quivering potential of a “third world war.” The Anglo-Saudi orchestration of the September 11, 2001 attack on the United States, has been a crucial element in preparing the way for the threat which came to the surface of current strategic developments with the manner of the murder of the Qaddafi party.

Killing Qaddafi

Obama’s deployment to kill Qaddafi was merely to perform the role of a “closer” in the conclusion of a British imperial policy personally carried out by Tony Blair and Jacob (and later Nathan) Rothschild, who became members of the board of Qaddafi’s $100 billion Libyan Investment Authority in 2007. Seven months before Qaddafi’s 2011 assassination, Jeff Steinberg reported in EIR that:

In March 2004, six months after the UN sanctions were lifted, Blair was the first Western head of state, since the 1988 Pan Am 103 bombing, to travel to Libya and meet with Qaddafi. In the aftermath of the Blair trip, a British-Libyan Business Council was established to open the economic spigot from Qaddafi to the City of London. . . In 2007, Blair made his second trip to Libya as Prime Minister. . . At this time, Blair ally and Inter-Alpha Group founder Lord Jacob Rothschild was put on the board of the Libyan Investment Authority (LIA), Qaddafi’s $100 billion sovereign wealth fund. Once he left office as prime minister, Blair, too, joined the board of LIA.

By the time that Lord Jacob “retired” from the LIA board in 2009, his son Nathaniel “Nat” Rothschild had moved into the Libyan franchise, cultivating a close personal relationship with Qaddafi’s son, Saif al-Islam Qaddafi.

Consider, for a moment, Blair’s actual role in the instigation of the criminal and illegal Iraq War of 2003, a role for which he merits prosecution for international war crimes committed against humanity—well over a million people in fact. Consider, also, Prime Minister Blair’s role in the death of David Kelly, who attempted to expose the fraudulent nature of the entire Iraq adventure. Though Qaddafi did not realize it, with Blair and Rothschild’s board appointments, the “Order of the Assassins” had moved into place, sitting directly opposite to Qaddafi in the closed sessions of his Libyan Investment Authority.

Qaddafi’s murder was planned and carried out with the same malice aforethought as that of Julius Caesar, but with the dirty work left to the United States. Obama’s personal execution of Qaddafi was savored as a television entertainment by Obama: he had his staff, including Hilary Clinton, join him for the festivities. “We came, we saw, he died,” was Clinton’s accurate, infamous statement about that lethal “Roman Coliseum” broadcast.

The dismemberment of Libya was done as part of the scorched-earth policy of the Obama Administration toward Libya, Chad, Niger and other African nations, as well as the rest of the world. His is a generalized depopulation strategy intended to counter China’s growing and positive world economic influence; Russia’s indispensable leadership role in Syria, Iran, and with the BRICS nations; and the emerging dialogue of scientific optimism that is on the verge of producing a cultural renaissance worldwide, in the form of joint space exploration and joint space missions among former adversaries. Obama’s bankrupt “desert pharaoh” policy, to the contrary, is to scorch the globe in pursuit of the imperial objectives of the British Empire. The preferred weapons of Obama’s Apocalypse are a combination of trans-Atlantic monetary chaos and financial collapse, with what is sometimes euphemistically referred to as the “Revolution in Military Affairs,” a “revolution” whose moral content is captured in Obama’s Nero-like Tuesday drone-killing ritual murders.

The Revolution in Military Affairs (RMA) was once declared by Duke University’s Triangle Institute for Security Studies director Peter Feaver to in fact be “neo-feudalism”: “In fact, what we’re seeing is a return to neo-feudalism. If you think about how the East India Company played a role in the rise of the British Empire, there are similar parallels to the rise of the American quasi-empire.” Financiers George Shultz and Felix Rohaytn are two American “old boy mechanics” deployed by British and continental European oligarchical “old money” on behalf of this outlook. The goal is to privatize killing by authorizing non-governmental private armies to be deployed through “public-private partnerships” in the form of death and extermination squads.

Obama: British Agent

For the past quarter century, since the 1991 collapse of the Soviet Union, the mad dream of an Anglo-American “unipolar world,” ruled under the umbrella of the “Five Eyes”—Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and a royally sodomized United States—had been the underlying motive for many different schemes. They are called by many names—“Project for a New American Century,” “NAFTA,” the “Trans-Pacific Partnership”—but they are all the same. Their origin is less well known.

Barack Obama’s job, for which he was selected to serve two terms as the American President, is to re-attach the United States to the British Empire from the which it bloodily broke two and a half centuries ago. His conflict with Vladimir Putin, the which Obama himself may not even fully understand, must risk nuclear war in order that the cultural and economic upshift that the collaboration of Russia and China could represent for the world, not re-infect the United States itself. The British have never forgiven Benjamin Franklin, George Washington and Alexander Hamilton for what America threatened to do to the British Empire, but has so far failed to finish. It is America which is seen as the primary enemy of the British, not Russia or China; Hamilton’s ideas are the true basis for eliminating the existence of the imperial world order once and for all. It is this latter existential threat to the financial predators that most worries them about the continued existence of Lyndon LaRouche, his movement, and his forecasting capability in a time of the luridly public incompetence of the “financial and political elites.”

Obama’s drone war and use of drones, is already being turned into “the next big thing” by his financial angel and first campaign manager, Union Bank of Switzerland’s (UBS) Robert Wolf. Bloomberg News, in “A Top Fundraiser for Obama Turns From Wall Street to Drones” on April 29, 2015, reported:

Wearing cuff links with the U.S. presidential seal, Robert Wolf was explaining why he loves drones and wants to help big companies fly them. . . “I’ve been in business for 30 years—this is the most exciting thing I’ve ever done,” said Wolf, who left UBS during Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign to start 32 Advisors, which also offers economic advice, brokers infrastructure deals and helps foreign governments get investments. “Just to be clear, this is going to change the landscape.”

Look at the role of the same Robert Wolf in the organizing of the Obama campaign. Before Obama had even announced his bid for President, the UBS’s Wolf took over and designed what would become Obama’s Presidential campaign in the fall of 2006, after a meeting between Obama and George Soros in New York City. The “little people small contributions fundraising” for Obama was a myth. Obama’s campaign was a Wall Street/City of London continuation of the Bush Presidency. It was a “breakthrough Presidential campaign,” but in a completely different sense. His Administration has succeeded only in droning the innocent, protecting Wall Street, and advancing Cecil Rhodes’ goal of the reincorporation of the United States into the British Empire.

Remove Obama Now!

The Russians and Chinese had been assured by the Obama Administration that the Libyan campaign was not intended to topple and assassinate Qaddafi. Obama lied to them. In December of 2011, Putin, during a four and a half hour exchange with press, said about the killing of Qaddafi: “Who did this? Drones, including American ones. They attacked his column. Then—through the special forces, who should not have been there—they brought in the so-called opposition and fighters, and killed him without court or investigation.” Putin will not allow the same mistake to be made in Syria, and in his campaign there has baffled, frustrated and thwarted Obama at every turn. At the same time, he has made it clear that he will welcome any sincere effort to dismantle the terrorist capabilities that have been so strengthened by the fall of Libya and by the creation and maintenance of ISIS. He will also not allow the overthrow of the Assad regime desired by Obama to result in the creation of a generalized zone of instability and continuous crisis, a condition which at some point will lead to an undesired but inevitable confrontation with Israel—and, perhaps, its thermonuclear arsenal.

Vladimir Putin, not Barack Obama, is the sane force on the world stage today. Obama’s sanity is severely questionable. For example, Obama says he regards the 2016 Presidential election as a referendum on his personal Presidential legacy. The only clear legacy Obama has, is his Tuesday execution sessions. Obama is clearly mentally unbalanced, a thermonuclear Nero. Use the Twenty- Fifth amendment now against Obama, and the most dangerous possibility—the possibility that the five year process that began with Qaddafi’s criminal execution will conclude in general thermonuclear war—will be removed as well.

Don’t degrade yourself any longer. Vote for principle. Remove Obama now.

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