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This article appears in the November 4, 2016 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Why Hillary Clinton Can’t Tell the Truth

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Nov. 1—Earlier, Hillary Clinton had always been a problematic person in some respects, and had never had the qualifications for the Presidency, but she did not become the moral-psychological wreckage she is today, until her tenure as Barack Obama’s nominal Secretary of State.

When she was fighting against the synthetic figure of Barack Obama for the Democratic Presidential nomination in 2007-08, Mrs. Clinton (and Bill Clinton) rightly held Obama totally in contempt. And sure enough, the contemptible British puppet Obama went on to cheat Hillary out of the Democratic nomination, thanks to British drug-money flowing over the Mexican border into corrupt Texas Democratic caucuses in 2008.

Later, after Obama was elected President, when he offered Hillary the position of Secretary of State, Lyndon LaRouche knew immediately that this was a poisoned chalice, and warned Hillary not to accept it. But she was misled by her own ambition.

Hillary had lied to herself that she would be able to influence Obama for the better, as she conceived the better. Instead, she proved the bitter truth of LaRouche’s forecast. Over the first two years of Obama’s first term, Hillary Clinton degenerated into permanent hysteria out of sheer physical terror of Obama. She became nothing more than Obama’s brainless zombie—as she still is to this day.

Because, who is Obama? As Hillary knows to her sorrow, he is a madman who loves nothing so much as killing. He is the man who looks forward to the “Terror Tuesdays” in the White House, when he can choose picture-cards (jokingly called baseball cards), to select the next round of murder-victims, including American citizens, to be murdered by drone or otherwise. Obama watches these murders on closed-circuit television called “killTV.”

On July 13, 2015, LaRouche organizer Daniel Burke asked Hillary Clinton repeatedly where she stood on reviving Franklin Roosevelt’s Glass-Steagall protections, which are part of Lyndon LaRouche’s “Four Laws” for a U.S. economic recovery. She lied by refusing to answer. In succeeding days, lie after lie issued from her campaign, until she finally openly rejected Glass-Steagall. (Candidate Trump later endorsed Glass-Steagall in the closing days of the campaign, even if that does not make Trump a moral genius.)

Lyndon LaRouche said that Hillary’s lie to Daniel Burke would be her destruction, and so it has become.

The reason that Hillary can’t tell the truth, is that the words coming out of her mouth are all Barack Obama’s!

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