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This editorial appears in the June 16, 2017 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

This Is Not the Time for
Con-Artist Tricks or Nazi Schemes

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June 12—The catastrophic crisis descending upon the people of New York City has now placed—front-and-center—the immediate challenge of how that crisis, and similar urgencies throughout the nation, must be resolved. Nothing that has been proposed so far by a wide array of government leaders, to address the escalating breakdown of the New York transit system, will work under the existing axioms of financial policy making. Much of what has been proposed are outright fraudulent schemes dreamed up by financial con-artists. In truth, the actual solution is not to be found in New York City, per se, but rather, in the necessary requirement for a dramatic change in U.S. national economic and financial policy.

None of what New Yorkers are now facing was inevitable. It was the frame-up of Lyndon LaRouche between 1986 and 1989, his incarceration in a federal penitentiary from 1989 to 1994, and then the restrictions of his extended parole, which led directly to the takeover of U.S. economic and financial policy by the sharks of London and Wall Street, as well as to the subsequent destruction of the productive economy of the United States and the ongoing and escalating immiseration of the American people. It was Lyndon LaRouche, and the national organization he created, who stood in the way, blocking the intended economic rape of America, and it was the jailing of LaRouche which led directly to the repeal of Glass-Steagall, the legalization of derivatives financial gambling, and to a national policy of de-industrialization.

Lyndon LaRouche has repeatedly, and succinctly, put forward a rigorous approach for overcoming this crisis. His 2014 statement, “Four New Laws to Save the U.S.A. Now!” provides a Hamiltonian solution to this crisis, one guaranteed to work. It is the utter failure of U.S. political leaders and policy makers—as well as of the American people—to take up those Four Laws, which has now created a situation in which nothing that is being proposed will succeed. The expression, “LaRouche’s Four Laws,” is not a slogan. It is not a campaign “tactic.” It is the only economic and banking policy which will work.

The fundamental issue, the inescapable issue at hand, is the proper role of the National Government in economic and financial policy making. Since LaRouche’s 1989 jailing, the U.S. government has uniformly abdicated its Constitutional responsibility, and control over the nation’s fortunes have been turned over to the designs of “deregulated” financial interests, many of whom have acted to deliberately destroy both the productive potential of the nation and the well-being of the people.

Today, we urgently need a lawful policy for the national issuance of large amounts of Federal public credit to finance the reconstruction and development of the nation’s infrastructure and productive economy. This is required now! It cannot wait any longer.

The Wise Words of Lyndon LaRouche

On June 12, in a discussion with some of his associates that centered on the transit crisis in New York City, Lyndon LaRouche had a good deal to say. We present here edited excerpts of what he had to say.

LaRouche: There is no government fund. There is no solid government funding in the United States. There is none. That’s the point! Manhattan itself could go entirely deep, deep, deep. Suddenly. Why? Because there was no substance to the [financial] paper that they created—without value, without any evidence, without any content. . . . and they cannot possibly produce anything, which means that the whole thing is going to sink; and Manhattan could sink, not actually but financially.

Without [government financing] there is no possibility of saving this part of the economy. The federal government leads and puts those things on the table, and then you might be able to get something out.

The federal government should be taking over, . . . as a security for this business, because only the federal government has the authority to develop sufficient backing for the process. Then you might find something. But if someone is trying to say, “I’ve got something in my backdoor, and I can open the door,” that’s suicide and stupidity. You’ve got to get the federal government of the United States to actually assume an orderly form of credit for an active practice. That’s the only way this thing can be done. Paper dreams do not produce anything. They’re doing a “non-production.” Everything they say they are doing now is a fraud, because there is no track of any evidence of an actual funding; and that’s the problem.

The core of this thing is the Nazis, is a Nazi-like system, and it’s fairly described as a new Nazi system.

Question: Is this financial policy of destroying the United States inherently a Nazi policy?

LaRouche: It would have to be; otherwise, it wouldn’t work. That’s what the situation is there. People get stuck into wishful beliefs in things that will never come true, and that’s what it is. The only way we can get something which will solve the problem is to use the Federal organization, through a public issue [of credit]. That will do it. Without that, no!

Question: You have people around President Trump trying to get him away from the American System policy he was referring to recently. Now there are people who are trying to get him away from that. Is that what you would say?

LaRouche: Exactly. Exactly. The right people in Manhattan have already understood this. You’ve got to look at the whole thing. Currently, there is no answer, there is no guaranteed equity for the entire system of the United States. None! This was done by the former FBI, which ran this operation.

If you’re going to save the nation, you’re going to have to have a responsible posting, which puts on the table a use of funds for the whole nation. It can be done. It can be done, and with some in this world as a whole, we can do that.

All you have to do is have an agreement within the United States and the government operating on the basis of its commitment to a necessary investment. That’s what’s needed!

Without that, all dreams are dead.

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