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This is in the June 30, 2017 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

What Everyone Is Pretending
Not To Notice

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June 22—It is widely expected that Presidents Trump and Putin will meet in person for the first time on the sidelines of the July 7-8 Group of 20 (G20) summit in Hamburg. This meeting has the potential to be a world-changing event. As we have reported, Russian Senator Alexander Pushkov said on June 20 that this meeting will be the highlight of the G20 summit if it takes place. “A lot will depend on this meeting,” he said, and “that is why it is so highly anticipated everywhere—from Tallin to Lisbon, from Beijing to Cairo.” Yes, it’s critically important—but yet no one is talking about it! It’s “hiding in plain view,” as Lyndon LaRouche has frequently cited a notion found in Edgar Allan Poe’s story of “The Purloined Letter.”

Our adversaries of the British imperial faction are saying absolutely nothing about this fast approaching Trump-Putin summit, because they are terribly frightened of what may happen there. After all, why else have the neocons and neoliberals spent so many months lying their heads off that President Trump and his associates are somehow Russian agents? Now this imminent summit is so important that they refuse even to mention it!

Instead, they have been moving in obvious ways to try to get the Trump-Putin meeting cancelled—or, if they can’t get it cancelled, to try to ensure that it is ruined, and that it becomes totally hostile, so that no positive personal relationship can develop.

It was for this reason that a crazy Russia sanctions bill was rammed through the Senate by a lopsided 98-2 majority just one week ago today—and then misreported as “Trump sanctions” by the lying British-run media—even though the Trump Administration opposes it and is trying to stop it before it can become law. It was for this reason that U.S. forces shot down a Syrian jet on June 18, forcing the Russians to again terminate the hotline through which U.S. and Russian forces had deconflicted their operations in Syria. It was for this reason that Steve Mnuchin’s U.S. Treasury Department imposed sanctions on 38 Russian and Ukrainian firms and individuals on June 20, forcing Russia to cancel a planned meeting between Deputy Foreign Minister Ryabkov and U.S. Under Secretary of State Thomas Shannon. And whose F-16 was it that buzzed the jet of Russian Defense Minister Shoigu just yesterday?

And what worse treasonous act will these people commit tomorrow, in their hysteria over the prospect of better relations between the United States and Russia?

These sinister forces have refused to recognize the Constitutional election decision of the American people since day one, and they still refuse. Those of us who support the President and the Constitution must come forth to crush the forces of treason, and to support the President to achieve his objectives by joining the United States with Russia and China in the New Silk Road and recreating American infrastructure through massive Federal credit—and in partnership with China, through Lyndon LaRouche’s Four New Laws of June 2014. And tomorrow may be too late.

Further indication of the British-loving layer’s hysteria at the prospect of a linking-up of Putin with Trump, can be found in German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble’s remarks on June 20, upon receiving the Henry Kissinger Prize: “I doubt whether the United States truly believes that the world order would be equally sound if China or Russia were to fill the gaps left by the United States, and if China and Russia were simply given a free hand to dominate the spheres of influence that they have defined for themselves. That would be the end of our liberal world order.”

He’s lying, and he knows he’s lying—but can’t you feel the hysteria behind his lying?

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