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This editorial is in the July 21, 2017 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

‘Put This Organization
into a Campaign Mode,
Like You’ve Never Seen Before!’

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July 16—Let us be very clear, crystal clear, as to what constitutes the nature of the current strategic situation—and what that means for all of us.

Helga Zepp-LaRouche led a discussion with organizers from throughout the United States today. In that discussion she posed a challenge—an urgent call—to dramatically escalate the battle in which we are now engaged. She described our current situation as a “dual power” environment, one in which great accomplishments have been achieved over the recent months, but great dangers still exist. She warned that we are now facing the likelihood of a near-term financial collapse far worse than that of 2008, citing this as the “Sword of Damocles” that is threatening the entire world, a collapse which could destroy all of the positive achievements of the recent period. As she put it, by the end of the Summer, we could be in “the biggest crisis ever.”

Victory in this fight is absolutely possible. But, as Mrs. LaRouche stressed, we are not yet fully mobilized to achieve that victory. Passivity, doubts, and fears have crept into the hearts of many. This applies to full-time organizers, part-time organizers, volunteers, subscribers, contributors, and new friends and recruits who are joining this movement. We need to build this organization into an irresistible force which will stop at nothing short of victory. All doubts, all hesitations, all passivity must be swept away, and a guidon must be raised to expand this movement quantitatively and qualitatively outward, through recruitment and a rapidly expanding political mobilization.

What Has Been Accomplished to Date

Many, many good things have happened since the inauguration of Donald Trump as U.S. President. Of paramount importance has been the dramatic change in U.S. relations with Russia and China. Beginning with President Trump’s April meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping at Mar-a-Lago, Florida, then continuing through subsequent meetings and discussions between the two Presidents, and including the sending of a high level American delegation to the Beijing Belt and Road Forum in May, a stunning breakthrough has been accomplished in U.S.-China relations. At the same time, the meeting which took place on July 7 between President Trump and Russian President Putin at the G-20 Summit in Hamburg, Germany, holds out the same promise for improved relations. After the meeting, the Russian President stated that Trump was far different from the caricature portrayed in the news media. Putin pointed out that, during their discussion, Trump listened, that he was frank, and that this represented real promise for an improvement in relations between the two nations.

What Trump supporters, and others, within the United States must be brought to understand, is that these breakthroughs in U.S. relations with Russia and China are not only the greatest accomplishment of his Presidency to date—but that they are in fact historic, and are pregnant with potential for much greater changes to come. Since Sept. 11, 2001, the United States has opted for a state of permanent war: Sixteen years of warfare, the longest in the nation’s history. Worse, since the Presidencies of Bush and Obama, the trajectory has been one of a rapidly escalating military confrontation with both Russia and China toward strategic war, world war. President Trump has now taken the first decisive actions to change course. This is real, not hype, and as Mrs. LaRouche put it, “This is excellent”!

All of the efforts to impeach or otherwise bring down President Trump have nothing whatsoever to do with alleged Russian “hacking” of the election, nor even with Trump’s domestic policies. This is the Bush/Obama War Party gnashing their teeth and flailing out, as their designs to subdue the world by threats and force begin to vanish in the breeze of a new paradigm. Britain’s Theresa May and Germany’s Angela Merkel may still both be locked into the old geopolitical mindset, but without the United States, their strategic intentions are a non-starter, and both London and Wall Street know that.

The Achilles’ Heel

The financial policy of inflationary “quantitative easing” has reached its end-point. The U.S. debt bubble is now greater than in 2008, with corporate and government debt leading the way. The utter failure of Dodd-Frank and other half-baked measures to control this crisis, is now apparent to all. Combined with this monetary/financial crisis, there is an escalating breakdown of the physical economy, and increased impoverishment of the population. This is across the board: agriculture, manufacturing, transportation, power generation, and most visibly, the utter breakdown of basic U.S. infrastructure, as typified by the “Summer of Hell” transit crisis now under way in New York City.

We are facing the inevitability of both a financial blow-out worse than 2008, one which could break out at any moment, as well as a deepening social crisis in which the frustration, rage, and desperation of the American people could find means of expression that become very dangerous.

During his campaign, and in numerous statements since his election, President Donald Trump has forcefully voiced his intention to rebuild American industrial and economic might. He has spoken of a trillion dollars in infrastructure investment; he has called for the immediate reinstatement of Franklin Roosevelt’s Glass Steagall banking legislation; he became the first President in more than a century to speak of the American System of Economy; and he has repeatedly praised the economic outlook of Alexander Hamilton and Abraham Lincoln.

The problem—and it is a very serious problem—is that seven months into his administration, he has yet to move forcefully to carry through on any of this. The unprecedented massive attacks on Trump are at least partially aimed to sabotage such bold initiatives, and certainly the presence of Steven Mnuchin and other Wall Street partisans within his administration has not helped.

What must be understood is that the economic policy enunciated in Lyndon LaRouche’s “Four Laws,” a policy which is fully coherent in its intent with Donald Trump’s stated intentions, must be carried out now. Such action can not wait until “after the crash,” amidst conditions of crisis, collapse, and chaos. The positive accomplishments—and the promise of even greater accomplishments—which President Trump has made through his foreign policy initiatives, will all be swept aside, like water cascading through a broken dam, in the wake of a banking/financial blowout. War will be back on the agenda.

What This Means to You

We need to build the power, the resources and the manpower of this movement. Not because it is “our” movement,” but because it represents the one critical factor which could make the difference between victory and defeat. Our future and the future of everyone you know depends on the outcome of this battle. The fight is engaged right now. Everyone can contribute to the effort.

In one sense, the fight now for LaRouche’s “Four Laws” is the culmination of a battle which Lyndon LaRouche launched more than forty years ago. LaRouche’s record speaks for itself. He was right in 1971. He was right in 1988. And he was right in 2008. Lyndon LaRouche is the greatest economist in the world today. The Hamiltonian banking and economic measures which LaRouche specifies in his “Four Laws” will work to solve this crisis; nothing else will get the job done. Every week we reprint strategic articles by LaRouche in the Executive Intelligence Review, so as to provide the necessary means whereby readers of EIR might master the principles necessary to successfully engage in this battle.

Don’t think small. Grow your mind. This is not a domestic policy fight within the United States. The issue is War or Peace, a future or no future, economic collapse or an unprecedented explosion of economic development. A victory in securing the passage of Glass-Steagall and the adoption of national banking and credit policies, together with the type of science-driver approach which the United States used to be famous for, is the means by which the War Party can be stopped, the U.S. and world economy rebuilt, and a better future created. But everyone must do his or her part! No one can afford to be a spectator.

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