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This editorial is in the July 21, 2017 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Are They All Simply Crazy—Or What?

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July 16—Under the cover of exposing Russian collusion with the Trump team, the entire political establishment in the United States is committing total self-destruction. Why? Why choose to go down in flames with a transparent lie—Russian meddling in the election—when everyone now knows that it was the Democratic National Committee which meddled against Bernie Sanders? And meddled on behalf of Hillary and against Trump, along with CNN, in coordination with a British-Atlantic spy matrix that includes MI-6, Fusion GPS, and CrowdStrike—along with operatives such as Christopher Steele, John Brennan, and James Comey?

It was one thing to lie in the hope that somehow Trump might be prevented from taking the oath of office—as unlikely a prospect as that always was. It’s one thing to keep the story alive as the rationale for an independent counsel—as corrupt as that might be in the face of the truth. But to ceaselessly focus on stories of greater and greater irrelevance, while hyperventilating each time with greater hysteria? Accusations of “treason” for simply holding a twenty-minute meeting? The enemies of our nation, without and within, may be incredibly evil—even to the point of launching a nuclear war—but they are not entirely stupid.

CNN has dragged its ratings down below those of “Nick at Night” on cable television. The New York Times is shrinking into nothingness before our eyes; the only thing growing is its reputation for war-mongering and lies. What is the Washington Post now, but a public utility for leaking intelligence agents, with a slogan which is fitting only for a Greek tragedy’s self-fulfilling prophecy—“Democracy Dies in Darkness.” Along with NBC, and the other main networks, they are all committing a sort of suicide, repeating lie after lie, night after night—all while the American people suffer under the policies which the networks have endorsed for the last 20, if not the last 50 years.

If you need proof, just look at the election results.

Those policies included the deindustrialization program of the 1970s—Wall Street’s greenie, pro-drug, anti-technology policy. Remember 18% interest rates? There is no faster way to end investment into critical long-term national infrastructure than Volcker’s late 1970s program. It was in the late 1970s when our nation’s aging infrastructure required a new platform of low-interest credit. Instead, we got the Savings and Loan scandal and the takedown of U.S. industry.

However, it was the last twenty years that saw the blatant neglect of our nation’s industry and population—in other words, a total disregard for the nation’s long-term survival—turned into a policy of psychotic terror. Beginning with the phony impeachment coup run against Bill Clinton—who in 1998 threatened to change the global financial system back towards an industrial orientation as Lyndon LaRouche advised him—the terror has only increased. In the face of financial blowout, in Asia in 1997, the breakdown of Long-Term Capital Management (LTCM) and the nascent hedge fund industry in 1998, and then again with the dot-com bubble in 2000, the financial system was in systemic breakdown. Then comes George W. Bush, with zero political power or mandate. That is, no political control over a population as the economic system blows out underneath their feet. And not just long-term survival, but their short term survival has now become threatened.

Thus comes 9-11—a British-Saudi provocation intended to allow installation of a dictatorship—just as Lyndon LaRouche had warned in January, 2001, that some such provocation would ensue. Dick Cheney couldn’t quite achieve the dictatorship he wanted, but he came near to dictatorial control over the population. Cultural hysteria was invoked, not unlike the 1960s, but this time for war. Police-state measures were introduced. A program of perpetual war was launched against all nations that could oppose a global financial dictatorship—including targeting the nuclear powers, Russia and China.

To try to preserve the rotting financial system, a massive housing bubble was fuelled, bringing the crumbs of blue-collar construction jobs and white-collar paper-pushing jobs with it. But this just pumped up the Wall Street bubble all the faster, and in 2007 it cracked. The system is again about to burst—a system of debt and corruption on Wall Street, already ten times bigger than in 2000. By September of 2008, the system is in total disintegration; Cheney is threatening martial law. The $20 trillion plus bailout begins—all under the eye of British agent Barack Obama.

Obama, unbeknownst to most of his supporters, was chosen to be the next President by this fascist coup, specifically because he would continue the Bush legacy—the fascist police state, the perpetual war regime, and the non-stop bailout of Wall Street’s crime system.

Hillary Clinton submitted to this fascist coup. She would have continued it were she elected in 2016, and the American people knew it. Had she been elected, we would likely already be engaged in a potentially nuclear World War III.

However, she was not!!

Donald Trump, who first ran against the Bush legacy in the Republican Party, and then against the Obama faction in the Democratic party, was, in fact, running a Presidential campaign against the fascist coup first launched against Bill Clinton and brought to full power through the British/Saudi orchestrated 9-11 attack.

The Financial System Is Ready to Blow

So—what does this have to do with the massive Russian collusion story the mainstream media can’t stop talking about—even while a majority of even the Democratic Party voters don’t buy it?

The Wall Street system of massive debt, fraud, and crime, is now ten times bigger than in 2008—and that’s a hundred times larger than in 2000!

Creative Commmons
Wall Street

That system is going to blow sky-high, and their police-state control system is no longer there! No Bush, no Obama, no Hillary! The entire system is going to blow, possibly as early as the end of this summer, while others put the late date at early next year.

At that point, none of these institutions—the political parties, the financial institutions like JP MorganChase or Wells Fargo, the mainstream media companies, the colleges, or the entire culture for that matter—will have any legitimacy. The system is at the utter fag end, and there is only one way out.

A new principle must be introduced, premised on the fundamental distinction of mankind as above and superior to all merely animal species. This principle, and its policy program, is most succinctly expressed in Lyndon LaRouche’s June 10, 2014 Four Laws.

The credit principle established in that document, provides for the long-term requirements of mankind’s development, while also addressing the immediate short-term requirements for the continuity of our society. Nothing less will suffice. We are at revolutionary breakdown of the system, and the only solution is the adoption of a higher principle of mode of operations, in accord with the creative and immortal legacy of mankind.

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