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This editorial is in the August 25, 2017 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

A New Phase of the Coup

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Aug. 16—The “Russiagate” campaign to delegitimize and overthrow the President has been seriously damaged by the revelation that the Russians did not hack the Democratic National Committee. As the Veterans Intelligence Professionals for Sanity published, and as the Nation magazine republished, the DNC emails were leaked by an insider, not hacked.

Since then, the American version of the British Color Revolutions conducted internationally, has opened a new front against the President—the all-consuming American wound called the race card. All psychological-warfare operations of this kind are based on population profiles of what seem to be irresolvable problems within the targeted society.

Let us be very clear. There is an outbreak of the purest hypocrisy on this issue now taking place in the United States, with outright genocidalists and eugenicists, such as George H.W. Bush (NSSM 200, Willy Horton, crack cocaine throughout the nation’s ghettos), George W. Bush (Mr. Compassionate Conservative, purchaser and destroyer of the African-American clergy, killer of millions), and Larry Summers (“let’s dump toxic waste on Africa”), all coming forward to decry the President’s alleged moral equivocation on the issue of race.

The President was absolutely correct in implying that this was a staged event for political purposes. He was more than correct when he stated that the only solution to the issue of race in America is productive jobs. That was the point emphasized by Lyndon LaRouche in a report he wrote in the 1970s called “What Ever Happened to Integration?” It is as applicable today as it was when it was written.

Ask yourself whether the business executives now abandoning Trump and proclaiming themselves diversity fiends, have done a damn thing about creating productive jobs in the United States over the last 20 years.

The presidency of Barack Obama, and its equation of identity politics with social progress, created the present caldron in the United States. There was absolutely no economic progress made under Obama’s reign—only the flooding of the ghettos with drugs, gangs, and economic despair.

It is standard British counterinsurgency practice to pit ideologically conditioned gangs against one another in an endless cycle of violence and murder, a strategy perfected in the British war against the Mau Mau in Kenya by Brig. General Frank Kitson, and called just that, “gang/countergang.”

In the case of Charlottesville, both gangs in the action were either controlled by the FBI or by other trained intelligence operatives on the scene.

The Klan and White Supremers on the scene, Richard Spencer and David Duke, are long-time assets in the FBI orbit. Duke was largely a George H.W. Bush creation.

It turns out that the other major figure, Jason Kessler, now proclaimed to be “Alt Right,” was actually an Obama activist until November 2016, and participated heavily in “Occupy Wall Street.” Some say he was an assignment editor at that point for CNN. A strange metamorphosis, to say the least. The man who drove the car injuring many and killing a protester, was a mentally ill grifter named James Fields, whose fascination with Nazism and violence had been profiled by authorities since high school.

On the other side are Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe; Charlottesville Mayor Michael Signer; Brennan Gilmore, a former State Department employee who some say worked for the CIA; the Obama “resist” apparatus in Virginia; and the violent, lawless anarchist grouping known as “Antifa.”

The plan to remove the Robert E. Lee statue, and for a large rally to protest it, featuring “White Power” gangs, had been underway for a very, very long time. It is typical of gang/countergang operations now taking place throughout the United States involving Alt-Right provocateurs and Antifa resisters, which have resulted in riots, injuries, and huge property damage in Berkeley, Portland and other locations.

In Charlottesville, the “white” protesters procured a permit after a widely-publicized court fight. Both sides organized extensively through social media. The counter-protesters included the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, Standing Up for Social Justice, Refuse Fascism, Black Lives Matter, and other George Soros-funded and controlled groups, as well as the violent anarchist Antifa. The counter-protest was also widely promoted by the Center for American Progress of John Podesta, which is the institutional center of the anti-Trump “Resist” apparatus.

Immediately after Trump’s election, Charlottesville Mayor Michael Signer said that the city would be the capital of the “Resistance” to Donald Trump. At the same time, the main initial social-media organizers of “Indivisible,” one of the first anti-Trump internet movements, had migrated to Virginia to run Obama protégé Tom Perriello’s campaign for Governor. Perriello had formerly worked for the State Department in Africa. His Virginia campaign was heavily backed by the Center for American Progress. His campaign chief of staff, Brennan Gilmore, was reportedly involved in a Color Revolution in the Central African Republic, pitting Muslims against Christians, and resulting in a subsequent genocide, although we have not yet been able to fully confirm these reports.

Governor Terry McAuliffe’s Clintonista political background and propensity for political stunts and sleazy activities are well known. On Friday night, Aug. 11, “white power” racists marched using the same “tiki torches” employed by Neo-Nazis in the British/Obama Color Revolution in Ukraine in 2014.

According to all reports of what happened Saturday, Signer and McAuliffe collaborated to have the police run the two opposing groups together, rather than separating them, and then stood down when violence erupted between the heavily armed factions of both gangs. Perhaps not accidentally, it was Brennan Gil­more who captured the video of Fields’ car mowing down the “counter-demonstrators” and killing the young woman, Heather Heyer. It is his video which has been circulated over and over again on television and on the Internet.

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