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This editorial is in the September 15, 2017 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Victory Requires Understanding
Your British Enemy

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Sept. 11—On Sept. 9, Executive Intelligence Review sponsored a day-long event in Manhattan, titled “The Russian ‘Hack’ Inside Job: Who’s Trying To Destroy the Presidency and Start a World War with Russia?” That event, moderated by Dennis Speed, featured presentations by three guests: longtime EIR Editorial Board member William F. Wertz, Jr., accompanied by William Binney and Ray McGovern, both leading members of the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS).

William Binney is a retired thirty-year veteran of the National Security Agency and the subject of the recent documentary film A Good American. Ray McGovern was a top analyst with the Central Intelligence Agency for twenty-seven years.

Jason Ross
William Binney (left) and Ray McGovern.

Although efforts to sabotage and destroy the Trump Presidency will continue, the repercussions of what was presented at the Sept. 9 New York event now make any intention to continue with the “Russia-gate” attacks on the Trump Administration extremely untenable, as well as risky for all those involved in the attack. In the course of their two presentations and the ensuing discussion, Messrs. McGovern and Binney presented a devastating critique of the allegations that the Russians interfered in the U.S. election and “hacked” DNC computers. In one sense, this was the “final word” on all of the lies that have been circulated by the establishment media in recent months. This event accomplished a powerful intervention, one which now opens the possibility for defeating the enemies of President Trump and securing a new U.S. strategic orientation.

The Current Battlefield

What took place in New York must be viewed within the context of the global battle, now underway, as to the future for both America and all of the world. Out of great crises, great opportunities arise, and leadership is tested.

Let us review the current situation:

Already, it was the suffering of the American people, and the hopes raised by the Trump campaign, that led to the election of Donald Trump ten months ago. Now, the anguish of the millions of Americans who are living through the effects of hurricanes Harvey and Irma is crying out to our nation’s leaders, calling for “action, and action now.”

At the same time, global events have reached a point where they must now go one way or another. War or Peace? President Trump’s cooperation with Russia in Syria has brought that war to a point where victory and peace are within sight. Trump’s stated intention to improve relations with Russia and China has moved forward. Yet, even in the face of this progress, efforts continue, and are escalating, to provoke war in the Korean peninsula, to poison U.S.-Russian relations, and to push the world into a geometry of heightened crisis-management.

Overhanging all of this is the Damocles Sword of the London-Wall Street speculative financial system, now bankrupt according to any traditional legitimate accounting method, and overripe for a collapse worse than 2008.

We are at an unprecedented moment. This is a crisis. But it is also an opportunity. All of the “Russia-gate” attacks, all of the Charlottesville-related “racism” allegations, all of the anti-Trump hatred can be swept away if leadership is provided now. Justice and opportunity for Americans can be secured if leadership is provided now. The loss and suffering of millions can be alleviated if leadership is provided now.

All that is required to accomplish this, is for growing numbers of Americans to finally “listen to the wise words of Lyndon LaRouche”—to recognize that the type of leadership that is now required is exactly that which Lyndon LaRouche has provided for the last forty-odd years. The need for global monetary reform was first addressed by LaRouche forty years ago in his International Development Bank proposal; the great projects now under consideration, such as the Transaqua project, the Thailand (Kra) Canal, and others, were proposed by LaRouche twenty, thirty, or more years ago. A comprehensive, national water-management system, which would protect against both floods and drought, was put forward by LaRouche in the 1980s; the murderous drug epidemic that is ruining and killing our youth was taken on by LaRouche in the 1970s with the publication of Dope, Inc., and he spearheaded a fight against drugs in the 1980s.

The list goes on; but the key truth that must be grasped is that all of the life-and-death crises we are now facing are solvable. Leadership, as discussed by H. Graham Lowry in his article on Abraham Lincoln in this current issue of EIR page 8, is the key ingredient. LaRouche has provided that leadership, and it is time for people to listen to him. The New York EIR event is the latest intervention by LaRouche, operating through his Manhattan Project, to create new potentials for victory. Those now conspiring to destroy the Trump Presidency suffered a huge defeat on September 9, and this now creates new possibilities for moving forward with an agenda of peace and economic development.

Critical Controversy and Deadly Weakness

It is impossible to win a war if you don’t know whom you are fighting. One of the greatest weaknesses to be found among the defenders of President Trump is in their continually referring to the “Deep State” as the source for the attacks on the President. On Sept. 9, Will Wertz provoked a great deal of controversy—and anxiety—with a presentation that correctly named the historic, as well as current, strategic enemy of the United States as the British empire. Drawing on historical and economic material discovered and developed by the LaRouche movement over many years, Wertz demonstrated not merely a two-hundred-year ongoing conflict between Britain and America, but the axiomatic and conflicting outlooks of the American republican-impulse tradition versus the British imperial view. The details of what Wertz articulated (as well as the full speeches of Binney and McGovern) may be viewed in the full video of the event. Here, it is sufficient to state that Wertz presented a concise historical overview, beginning with George Washington, and going on through Abraham Lincoln, William McKinley, Franklin Roosevelt, and John Kennedy, of the evidence that the British empire has always been the mortal enemy of the principles of the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution.

A number of participants at the New York event were perturbed or even outraged at what Wertz presented. Generally, the objections took two forms: either that Britain is our ally, and it is unacceptable to attack it in this way; or, that Britain today is no longer a major power, and to accuse it of having significant influence over U.S. policy-making or the U.S. intelligence community, is absurd.

One could answer these objections by presenting a laundry list of “evidence” of Britain’s anti-American designs—such as Tony Blair’s role in the first Iraq War or the role of Christopher Steele, MI6, and GCHQ in the current efforts to destroy President Trump—but there is a larger issue to address.

There is a great weakness among many American patriots. At the worst, it takes the form of Anglophilia; but a lesser, if still fatal, weakness is an illiteracy as regards American history and the true nature of world affairs over the last two-and-a-half centuries. Most Americans simply don’t know what it was all about. They don’t grasp the Mission of America, as it was conceived by Washington, Hamilton and Lincoln. They also have no comprehension of the oligarchical principle and what motivates the controllers of empire. As a result, they don’t see the battlefield today for what it truly is. They are crippled in how they fight. It is precisely the themes developed by Wertz in his presentation which are vital and which must be fought out with every American.


There will be many repercussions from Saturday’s New York event. One of these, undoubtedly, will be to refocus attention, once again, on 9/11.

In response to a question about 9/11, William Binney stated, “They had all the data to stop 9/11 before 9/11 in their databases, and didn’t know it. It was all there. Even the date of the attack was given. Even the date of the attack was given!” And he went on to say, “In fact, I think, according to some sources, they had actually had somebody in there who was saying the attack was coming but didn’t know the date or anything, and they were trying to report that but they couldn’t—NSA wouldn’t let them report it.”

The LaRouche organization, together with many other men and women of courage, has battled for sixteen years to expose the government lies about 9/11, and to hold Saudi Arabia and Great Britain to account as the perpetrators of that crime. The evidence of Saudi/British involvement is conclusive. By addressing this directly and publicly at the New York event, from his vantage point as an expert and the author of many of the data-mining and intelligence-gathering programs utilized by the NSA, Binney has reopened a critical flank, one which holds out hope for justice. One thing is certain: The enemies of our nation are not sleeping soundly tonight.

Crises—and the tragedy that often accompanies them—are also singularities, times when people unite around that which is important. It is often at just such moments when great things might be accomplished. As the flood-waters recede from hurricanes Harvey and Irma, a new hope is being born. An aroused people are acting to save the nation. We witnessed an inkling of the power of that future on Sept. 9 in New York.

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