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This article appears in the October 20, 2017 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Crush Mueller’s Coup
Before Trump’s Asia Trip!

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Oct. 15—As this issue of the Executive Intelligence Review goes to press, there are signs that an all-out fight is breaking out in the United States—a fight to defeat the British-directed coup against Donald Trump. If the coup were defeated now, that could trigger a true historic upshift into a new paradigm of world-wide economic development for the benefit of all.

The dossier concerning Trump Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller , published by both Executive Intelligence Review and LaRouche PAC, has been in general circulation for just two weeks, and has already drawn blood. On Friday, Oct. 13, nineteen Congressman, in a letter to both the House and Senate Judiciary Committees, called for an investigation of how Mueller is using public funds, of his conflicts of interest, and of the conflicts of his Hillary Clinton-aligned staff. The letter seeks to bring Mueller’s investigation “out of the shadows” and “into the public square.”

While this letter is a first step, the momentum must increase dramatically over the next days. The goal: Tell the truth about Robert Mueller and destroy the false Washington-swamp PR-generated “respectability” surrounding this amoral legal hit-man. Kick our seemingly brain-dead Congress in the rear end, until it stops this coup that imperils our Republic and its Constitution. Congress must then investigate and cause the prosecution of the perpetrators, revealing the British geopolitical motives for the coup, to all Americans.

It is a simple, ascertainable fact, that the intensity of the coup efforts will increase over the next weeks, if it is allowed to continue. President Trump will undertake a state visit to China and other Pacific nations, commencing on Nov. 3. At the center of that trip is the issue of U.S. participation in China’s gigantic world-wide infrastructure building project, the Belt and Road. Helga and Lyndon LaRouche are widely recognized for their role in helping create and in fostering this project. It holds the potential for realizing Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s dream of a post-colonial world of sovereign nation states collaborating on great projects for the common aims of mankind. Trump’s openness to this project is the motive for the coup against him, precisely because it will overturn the horrible post World War II Anglo-American New World Order, imposed after Franklin Roosevelt’s death.

In addition, a new financial collapse, of incredible magnitude, is now incessantly discussed behind the closed doors of elite institutions which have no solution to the chaos that it would unleash. There was never any real recovery from the collapse and moral failure of 2007-2008—the phony would-be emperors of the present order just kept doing the same frenzied speculative activities in ever-increasing magnitudes. If that collapse is allowed to happen without Glass-Steagall banking separation and a national-bank type of financing mechanism for building and maintaining the real physical economies, the prospect for humankind is that we will find ourselves in a new world war, a war of probable human extinction.

President Trump has said he supports Glass-Steagall. A national infrastructure financing bank together with investment from China in such a mechanism, are the only real means for realizing the President’s promise to rebuild our national infrastructure on a modern platform, precluding the man-made disasters which have unfolded with hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria, and the fires devastating California.

With that backdrop in mind, here are the other developments in the coup during the first weeks of circulation of the Mueller dossier to institutional and constituency organizations.

Senator Chuck Grassley of the Senate Judiciary Committee, as well as the House Intelligence Committee, have refocused on the dodgy British intelligence dossier against Trump authored by MI-6 agent Christopher Steele, and laundered through the Clinton campaign, through Obama’s intelligence agencies and the FBI, through the Washington, D.C. front group, Fusion GPS. As we documented in our Mueller dossier, the psy-ops memos of British intelligence and of Christopher Steele, alleging that Donald Trump is a Russian Manchurian candidate, are the foundation for the entirety of Russia-gate. The Russians did not interfere in our elections—the British, the Ukrainians, and others intervened, colluding with the Clinton campaign and the Obama Administration.

In an Oct. 4 letter to the FBI, Senator Grassley demanded to know whether any of the alleged “confirmations” of statements in the dodgy Steele dossier came from British or allied foreign intelligence agencies, rather than independent investigation by the FBI. The clear implication of Grassley’s letter is that he has evidence that the fake allegations in the British Steele dossier are being relaundered, sheep-dipped, through foreign intelligence agencies, including specifically those of the United Kingdom, to give them a completely unjustified gloss of credibility.

The House Intelligence Committee has finally issued subpoenas to Fusion GPS concerning the Steele dossier after months of stonewalling by Fusion. A Fox News story by Catherine Herridge points to FBI Congressional Affairs Director Gregory Bower as the source of the stonewalling of the Intelligence and Judiciary Committees of the Congress. Herridge reports that Bower is a close associate of fired FBI Director James Comey.

wikimedia commons
Senator Mark Warner

These Congressional actions followed the pathetic press conference held on Oct. 4 by Senators Mark Warner and Richard Burr from the Senate Intelligence Committee. Although these Senators have labored mightily to destroy any possibility for Trump to keep his campaign promise for peaceful relations with Russia, and have been key instruments in the treasonous coup against the President, they, in effect, announced that the Russia collusion claims against Trump were a big fat nothingburger. Despite reviewing thousands of pages of documents and interviewing hundreds of witnesses, the Senators said they had found no evidence of Russian collusion with the Trump campaign, although they consider the issue to still be “open.” They further elaborated their unalterable belief that the Russians meddled in the 2016 election because the intelligence agencies told them so—even if they could find no evidence themselves.

Mueller’s camp has been attempting to deflect attention from its open mission to take down the President, as outlined in EIR’s dossier and in popular perception. On Wednesday, Oct. 11, the Washington Post published an op-ed entitled, “Robert Mueller Cannot Save Us” by resident “Resist” member and Washington Post editorial board member, Quinta Jurecic. In it, Jurecic praises Mueller unabashedly as the epic, somber Deep State hero, the anti-Trump, laboring away to defend the institutional ethos of Washington with the moral backing of none other than Immanuel Kant. According to her mythic tale, Trump broke the institutional order by firing FBI Director James Comey. She bemoans the fact that Mueller will probably find no illegalities by the President himself. She calls, instead, for direct action, insurrection, against the President. Quinta Jurecic is also an associate editor of Benjamin Wittes’ Lawfare blog, which was James Comey’s favored leak outlet.

On Oct. 4, other Mueller buddies had sallied forth to address a Vanity Fair symposium in New York. James Comey’s likeminded collaborator Preet Bha­rara, fired by Trump as U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of York, and Sally Yates, fired by Trump as head of the Criminal Division of the Justice Department, cautioned that because Mueller is fair and follows the law, he may not find crimes by the President. As we demonstrate in the dossier, the claims of prosecutorial fairness on Mueller’s part, put forward by his former DOJ buddies are so much Washington, D.C. public relations bilge.

The latest inanities concerning Russian interference were also the subject of extremely useful reality assaults. Robert Parry published two useful articles on Consortium News dealing with the various claims by Senator Mark Warner and the media that the pesky Russians infiltrated the American mind and switched the results of the election via Google search mechanisms and Facebook ads.

Parry points out that Facebook only came up with what it calls “Russian linked” ads—meaning that someone with a Russian name, bank account, or web address purchased the ads—after Senator Mark Warner publicly threatened the online company. Warner sits on key committees regulating the Internet. Among the devious devices used by the clever Russians to lure Americans in, according to Warner and the media, were pictures of puppies. Those familiar with Facebook marketing know that pictures of puppies are the most widely employed “click bait” in all Facebook advertising.

wikimedia commons/Szakalová Edina
Puppies—everybody’s “click bait.”

Similarly, Aaron Mate, in an article entitled, “Russia-gate is More Fiction than Fact,” shreds the entire narrative Robert Mueller has been sent to corroborate. Neither Parry or Mate are fans of the President.

Finally, Scott Balber, the lawyer for the Agalarov family involved in the June 2016 meeting at Trump Tower, a meeting portrayed by the color revolutionists as “the smoking gun of Trump-Russia collusion,” released emails completely undermining this contention. The newly released emails clearly show that all involved, other than British publicist Rob Goldstone, considered this a meeting to discuss the Magnitsky Act sanctions against Russia, and not for purposes of offering official Russian government dirt on Hillary Clinton to the Trump campaign. The release fully supports the claims of the Trump team that the meeting went nowhere and did not involve what was stated in Goldstone’s fabricated email. The emails also support the conclusion of our Mueller dossier, that the meeting was a British-orchestrated entrapment.

Perhaps the most devastating blow to the entire coup narrative, however, was delivered by Brad Parscale, Trump’s digital media director, on “60 Minutes” on Oct. 7, 2017. Parscale laughed at the Russia social-media meddling allegations as preposterous, pointing out that the Trump campaign had expended millions and millions of dollars on Facebook ads. Most important, he noted that the issue which found resonance with Trump voters throughout the former industrial sectors of the United States, was his promise to rebuild the nation’s infrastructure. Parscale’s ad campaign was totally focused on that promise, not the divisive social wedge issues portrayed in the news media.

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