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This editorial appears in the December 8, 2017 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

There the Parallel Is Again:
The LaRouche Case and the Suspended
Fake Newsman, Brian Ross

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Dec. 3 (EIRNS)—On Dec. 1, 2017, as the anti-Trump media mob was in full throat in the United States over Michael Flynn’s plea to lying to the FBI, ABC Chief Investigative Reporter Brian Ross let loose a “bombshell.” According to his sources, Ross proclaimed, Flynn had already told Special Counsel Robert Mueller that a “high level” official of the Trump campaign had told Flynn to contact the Russians during the 2016 election campaign. The stock market promptly dropped 300 points, as traders digested whether or not the long-lost proof of Russian collusion in the U.S. election had finally come to light.

The problem is that Ross’s claim was completely and totally false. Flynn’s plea deal specifies that Flynn was asked to contact the Russians—a completely legal activity—after the election. An extremely embarrassed ABC News issued a full retraction and suspended Ross for a month, without pay.

Ross has a history of outright lies and fabrications on behalf of the U.S. intelligence community sources, whose leaks of gossip, lies, and fabrications to him form the bulk of his journalistic oeuvre. Like special prosecutor Robert Mueller, Ross cut his teeth on assassination by media falsehood and the U.S. criminal justice system, in the case of Lyndon LaRouche.

Then a reporter for NBC News, Ross played a major role in a campaign of media defamations against LaRouche originating in a salon of journalists run by John Train, a spook long associated with President George H.W. Bush and the CIA. The goal of this salon was to create pariah status for LaRouche through the news media, in order to facilitate a manufactured criminal prosecution against him. LaRouche had terrified the Anglo-American elite by proposing an alternative to their bankrupt system, which was catching on with the U.S. population and with significant foreign leaders. A similar terror today is presented by President Trump’s desire to ally with Russia and China to end perpetual war and engage in systemic physical economic development of the world.

In the LaRouche case, among other outrageous defamations the Train crew and Brian Ross invented, in conjunction with U.S. agencies, the claim that LaRouche had plotted to assassinate President Jimmy Carter by remote-controlled bomb, and that LaRouche was involved in the assassination of Olof Palme. The latter fabrication was actually planted on Ross and his fellow hacks by the East German Stasi with collaboration from Mueller’s Boston U.S. Attorney’s Office.

The full story of the parallels between the LaRouche case and the present coup attempt against the President, and the British intelligence origin of both cases, can be found in the EIR Dossier, “Robert Mueller Is an Amoral Assassin, He Will Do His Job If You Let Him.”

Like Robert Mueller’s well-known prosecutorial excesses and illegalities on behalf of the Anglo-American establishment, Brian Ross has a long and ugly prior record of fake-news reporting. ABC has previously been forced to retract and apologize when Ross claimed that Colorado shooter James Holmes belonged to the Tea Party. In 2001, Ross claimed Saddam Hussein and Iraq were behind the deadly anthrax mailings in the wake of 9/11—juicing the skids, with completely fake reporting, for the disastrous invasion of Iraq. ABC News had to retract again when Ross claimed that a former prisoner from Guantanamo Bay masterminded the underwear terror bombing. The problem with that one, is that the prisoner in question was in full Saudi custody. Then there was the Toyota malfunction story, in which Ross got caught editing and splicing video tape in a fabricated scene of an out-of-control car.

Has the Greek Nemesis principle finally struck in the coup-beleaguered United States? We have yet to see.

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