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This editorial appears in the December 15, 2017 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Kesha Rogers Declares
Her Independent Bid for
the 9th CD of Texas

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On Dec. 7, Kesha Rogers announced her candidacy as an Independent for the 9th Congressional District of Texas, held since 2005 by Democratic Congressman Al Green. The 9th CD serves almost 800,000 in the southwestern portion of the greater Houston area. In a video statement announcing her campaign, Rogers calls out Representative Green’s recent resolution to impeach President Trump as grandstanding, and doing nothing to address the true needs or interests of the people of the 9th District. In an interview today, Rogers sketched the main planks of her campaign as follows:

Kesha Rogers

There has been no real economic upturn in the lives of many of the people of the 9th District since the 2008 financial collapse, and many in the District remain trapped in brutal poverty, gang violence, and drugs. On the national level, Wall Street has continued the same policies which led to the 2008 collapse and, throughout the world, those in the know behind closed doors, whisper that another collapse is imminent. We continue to suffer from the neglect of necessary infrastructure which created the tragedy known as Hurricane Harvey. We are provided no compelling vision of the future, and the necessary scientific and other forms of education which must accompany that, for our youth.

Around the world in China, an entirely different perspective for the future is being brought into being by the great One Belt One Road project, the largest infrastructure project ever undertaken by mankind. Whole new cities are being engineered and built. High speed rail takes citizens across great distances in minimal times. Manufacturing is accomplished on modern platforms. Space exploration has been made a priority. Most importantly, the people are optimistic about the future; new ideas are the subject of impassioned debate and discussion.

This is a project long envisioned and campaigned for by Lyndon and Helga LaRouche. President Trump, who Congressman Green wants to impeach, is exploring how the United States can benefit from this Great Project. West Virginia, for example, has just received an $83.7 billion investment package as the result of President Trump’s negotiations with his friend, President Xi Jinping. Houston’s Mayor has also recently traveled to China seeking similar types of investment.

I am announcing my candidacy for the 9th CD of Texas to provide leadership and address needed solutions to the problems faced not just by the citizens of this district, but by the nation as a whole. Many of you know that this is the reason for my past campaigns and why I achieved significant number of votes in winning two primaries for Congress and forcing a runoff in a U.S. Senate Campaign. I stood for the space program that President Obama abandoned. I stood for fundamental investment in building the cities and infrastructure of the future. I stood for reintroducing science, classical forms of music and culture, and putting discovery into the education of our young people. I stood for figuring out how to create a new human renaissance to ensure that all citizens will have productive jobs. Nobody presently in Washington is articulating anything near the solutions we need or, worse, they continue the same failed policies of endless war, economic bailouts, and partisan gridlock. Nobody in the U.S. Congress in either party is articulating a positive vision for the position of the United States in the world.

The time has come for someone to step forward and declare that the U.S.A. must join with the international Belt and Road Initiative led by China, and launch a bold new era of rapid scientific and cultural advance—a new era that puts our people back to work, and builds up a future we can be proud of right here. As a Congresswoman, I will be uniquely situated to carry this fight to Washington, D.C. to ensure that my constituents can be optimistic once again, as they create a better future. That is why I am announcing my candidacy as an independent for the 9th Congressional District—to provide a voice of sanity and optimism for the future, over the screams and wails of party hacks in their indefensible failure before the American people.

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