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This editorial appears in the January 26, 2018 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Retaking the Industrial Heartland
For LaRouche’s Four Laws

by Bill Roberts

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Jan. 20—LaRouche PAC has now released a national statement, “2018 LaRouche PAC Election Platform: The Campaign to Win the Future,” which defines the only sane political battleplan for American voters in the months ahead.

The key components of that 2018 LaRouche Platform are the following:

1) End the coup against the President and prosecute those responsible for the criminal frauds they have perpetrated.

2) Implement LaRouche’s Four New Laws for Economic Recovery and bring the United States into full participation with China’s Belt and Road Initiative for economic development.

In November 2016, the critical margin of victory for Donald Trump on election night was determined by an electoral shift in states in the industrial Midwest. As Lyndon LaRouche indicated at the time, this was part of a global shift in the world, a rejection of the failed policies of the trans-Atlantic financial system, including the destruction of the productive workforce of nations and useless, regime-change wars. In the period leading up to the election, Donald Trump campaigned heavily in traditionally blue mid-western states like Michigan and Wisconsin, while Hillary did not. To illustrate the gravity of the shift that occurred among segments of voters between 2008 and 2016, there were 206 counties nationally that voted for Barack Obama twice—in 2008 and 2012—and then voted for Donald Trump in 2016; 53% of those counties are located in the states of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, and Wisconsin.

EIRNS/Susan Kokinda
Bill Roberts on Jan. 20, 2018, showing a map of U.S. counties that had previously voted for Obama, and then voted for Trump.

Both parties are now eyeing competitive congressional districts, especially in these areas, hoping to swing the vote to gain more congressional seats in the next election. However, neither party is providing solutions the country needs to address the dire economic needs of the forgotten men and women who helped elect Trump. A sane approach for the Democratic Party would be to recognize the treasonous nature of the Robert Mueller-led Russiagate coup, then to help end it, and work with Trump to pass the Glass-Steagall Act, and build great projects.

Instead, many of these Democrats continue to spout the now-exposed lies on Russiagate, while they simultaneously adopt a shifting anti-Trump narrative, ranging from Trump’s supposed unfitness for office to the Dick Durbin-created lie that Trump uttered racist remarks. Thus, for many prospective Democratic Party candidates, they have absolutely nothing of substance to say, and their “campaigns” consist entirely of anti-Trump slanders and empty diatribes.

It is precisely these Obama-organized antics that have made Democratic representatives an endangered species among blue collar and rural districts across the Midwest.

On the Republican side, many among that Party’s leadership continue to cling to Wall Street policies which will destroy the Trump Presidency and the nation. Wall Street-approved policies will never rebuild the areas devastated by the tropical storms of the past Summer or allocate the funding to stop the further crumbling of our infrastructure. Wall Street-controlled politicians will never move to shut down the illegal drug trade facilitated by those banks. They will only set up the next big, catastrophic debt bubble crash. Perhaps if the news media had reported the basic facts about President Trump’s success in securing $254 billion in direct investment from Chinese companies into the United States, everyone would already be thinking about how China is able to do that while we spend hundreds of billions subsidizing Wall Street.

There is a profound vacuum of leadership waiting to be filled by those who exhibit a basic grasp of how the implementation of LaRouche’s Four Economic Laws will transform this nation’s economy, opening up coordination among the credit systems of nations.

EIRNS/Bill Roberts
LaRouche PAC organizing in Detroit.

“Throw the bums out!” the disgusted citizen says of their Congress members. It seems many have already thrown themselves out. After at least 55 members of the U.S. House of Representatives have announced that they will not run for re-election, a record number of U.S. House elections will be open races, and may draw large and crowded fields of candidates. Some of them will be local and state representatives who have studied and supported the policy proposals of Lyndon LaRouche.

In traditionally Democratic districts, we may see Obama-backed candidates running against candidates actually interested in reviving skilled labor and farming. There will be races where the LaRouche PAC will be intervening to defeat incumbents who still openly associate themselves with the coup against the Presidency. We will insist that opposing candidates adopt the LaRouche platform, and that they campaign on it. The challenge for all of us is to create, in the constituencies of our districts, the notion that there is an option for using this LaRouche platform to create a standard of competence for the candidates running for federal office, whether they be Democrat, Republican, or Independent.

This author sat through a Republican candidates’ debate which focused almost entirely on questions relating to immigration, and various other conservative hot-button issues. While candidates were asked how much they agreed with this or that policy of President Trump, none of those policies mentioned were the ones central to the crucial policy fight unfolding in the world. However, when I had the chance to speak to two of the candidates privately, both expressed a reverence for the wisdom of Lyndon LaRouche. One of them lamented that the Republican Party had made the critical mistake of abandoning cooperation with LaRouche, after Reagan left the Presidency and the Bush gang ran a political assassination against him.

In the last two weeks, LaRouche PAC teams have conducted a series of meetings with state legislators in state capitals across the nation. In those discussions, we have seen a seriousness and willingness to fight. They are determined to demand a national top-down solution. Many Democrats want to end the treasonous coup attempt against President Trump and work with him to rebuild the country. Republicans are willing to reach across the aisle to find ways to get large-scale federal funding for big projects and end the Wall Street bubble. State legislators who have traveled the world are amazed at how China’s policies are transforming the face of the planet. They are intrigued, and have a sense of urgency that we must not miss the opportunity at hand. They know that the political parties are in shambles. The basis for a new national constituency—a coalition of producers—certainly exists.

Unfortunately, the election campaign process—aided and abetted by the mass media—is highly partisan in nature. Candidates are encouraged to play down to the lowest common denominator, the most base fears and desires of their imagined voter base. We have the power to change this! Not only should every opportunity be made to demand that these candidates campaign on the basis of LaRouche’s Four Laws, but professional associations, labor unions, state legislatures, and advocacy groups should endorse the LaRouche PAC 2018 Election Platform and campaign for the policies contained therein. Thus, we will force the issue of the urgent need for a new Hamiltonian Credit System, as outlined by Lyndon LaRouche.

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