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This editorial appears in the January 26, 2018 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Mueller’s Russiagate Scam
Is Imploding, So Neocons
Are Hell-Bent on War

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Jan. 23—There should be no misunderstanding that the two contradictory courses of developments within the United States today are somehow merely a coincidence.

On the one hand, the two-year long campaign to stop Donald Trump, the so-called “Russiagate,” orchestrated by British intelligence agent Christopher Steele and his assets within the Obama intelligence community, is now verging on collapse. The outright criminal actions by this conspiratorial cabal now stand exposed—and many of them should end up in prison. Peter Strzok, who led much of the Russia investigation at the FBI, and as a member of Robert Mueller’s Russiagate task force, has been caught bragging in a text message to his lover (and fellow FBI agent) about a “secret society” to bring down Trump just after his election. Strzok was also exposed as expressing his belief that there was no substance to the charges of Russia collusion, even as he was joining the Mueller witchhunt.

On the other hand, the neoconservative hawks on both sides of the aisle, and in London, and even within Trump’s immediate circle, have unleashed a shrill cry to prepare for war against the fake “threats” from Russia and China. The Chinese have taken note of the danger, while the Russians have more than taken note. There are multiple warnings from every part of the Russian establishment that the West appears to have gone mad—that despite Trump’s clear and repeated calls for peaceful and friendly relations with Russia, the drive for war is rapidly approaching the point of no return.

At the Davos World Economic Summit, which opened today, Andrei Kostin, chief executive of VTB, one of Russia’s leading banks, told the Financial Times that his biggest concern was the dangerous situation being created by the Nato build-up of arms in Europe, which risked an “accident” between Nato and Russian forces. Kostin said: “We are at the beginning of a new arms race.” Kostin is said to be close to Putin. “Nato is asking for more weapons and spreading more weapons in Europe, and Russia will retaliate in absolutely the same way.” Former U.S. Defense Secretary William Perry has made the same point—that the “launch on command” posture and the reckless U.S. military buildup in both Europe and the Pacific has brought the world closer to war than it ever was during the Cold War.

Kostin issued another warning, in light of threats from the U.S. Congress of yet more sanctions on Russia: “Any economic sanctions against institutions, personally I say, would be like declaring a war. I see no reason why the Russian Ambassador should stay in Washington any longer after that, or the American Ambassador staying, swimming in cold water in Moscow. I think that is a ‘worse than the cold war’ situation, and that is very dangerous. And I think that Congress is playing with fire, because the relationship is going from bad to worse and we are not responsible for that.”

There is only one way to end the madness. The geopolitical blinders must be ripped from the eyes of the American and European populations, and especially their leaders. The new paradigm for humanity, long proposed by Lyndon and Helga LaRouche, is no longer simply a vision of the future—it is right before us, in the New Silk Road, already transforming the majority of nations in the world: in Asia, in Africa, in Ibero-America, and even in parts of Europe and the United States. To ascribe evil intent to this transformation, which rests on close cooperation between China and Russia in both economic and strategic matters, is pure madness. There is nothing holding back the Western nations from full participation in this new organization of relations in the world—not being replaced as the dominant power by the rising powers (as the geopolitical true believers in a unipolar world would have it), but as full partners in a partnership of sovereign nations committed to one common vision, for a better destiny for mankind.

The exposure by the LaRouche Political Action Committee of the British-orchestrated “Russiagate” as an attempted coup against the government of the United States has now burst into the public eye, but the financial Lords of the City of London and Wall Street would prefer war to accepting the end of their Imperial domain. This fight can be won, but the desperation of the dying species known as the oligarchy leaves little time to achieve this great transformation. The time for action by all good souls is now.

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