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This editorial appears in the August 10, 2018 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.


The American People’s
Rendezvous with History

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Aug. 5—For many among those Americans only now confronting the reality of the philosophical fight encompassing the last 70 odd years of global history, this sudden rendezvous with history is nothing short of bewildering. The unravelling of the plot—by British MI6 intelligence, and Obama CIA chief John Brennan and other Obama loyal minions—to topple the duly elected president of the United States, has opened before the eyes of patriotic Americans a significantly broader image of the world they have in fact been living in all along.

Among President Trump’s loyal base of supporters, the sense of commitment to defend the President, especially on matters of brokering peace agreements, has been solidified. In many respects, thanks in large degree to the work of the LaRouche Political Movement, the fascist coup against the President has backfired. The fake newscasters were beside themselves, lamenting the cheers Trump received at a campaign rally in Pennsylvania, when he expressed pleasure at how well his meeting with President Vladimir Putin had gone. They were furious that Trump seemed to side with Putin over the FBI on questions of election meddling. They even attempted to claim that the content of the discussion between the two Presidents was being entirely withheld from the American public—further evidence of Trump’s nefarious plotting with the Russian enemy.

However, continued efforts to stymie future meetings between the two leaders, (much of the intention of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s witch-hunt against the President) seem to be failing. President Putin has been invited to meet with Trump in the oval office some time after the end of the year. In a recent poll, more than half of the American population is estimated to support plans for a second Trump-Putin summit.

While this political support among Trump’s base (fully in opposition to the fraud known as Russiagate) is in full swing against efforts to assemble an impeachment-oriented Democratic majority in the U.S. Congress, it is not yet mobilized to support dismantling of the Wall Street derivatives bubble, a ticking time-bomb just as dangerous to the functioning of the Presidency as election of the pro-impeachment Democrats. There is also not an effective comprehension yet among the pro-Trump electorate, of why strengthening the U.S. relationship with China and Russia is so vitally important to the future of the world economy. These are obvious factors inhibiting President Trump from breaking, in a more meaningful way, from the very U.S.-British “special relationship” which he has in fact broken with over the defense of U.S. manufacturing and in his rejecting further regime-change wars.

Certain fissures in the ideological edifice, however, suggest the potential to break open further meaningful fights over principle: President Trump has effectively declared war on one of the biggest donors to Republican congressional candidates, the pro-drug legalization, pro-free trade, libertarian billionaire Charles Koch, who has broken profile and begun supporting Democratic Congressional candidates whose Republican opponents are too close to Trump on matters of free trade and presumably other policies. Meanwhile, this past week, Fox Business operated as a platform for individuals inside and outside the Trump Administration, pressuring Trump to move to escalate tariffs against China rather than making concessions in the name of good faith and mutual benefit.

At political tables in the streets and at campaign events, the LaRouche PAC is effectively confronting the American people with their own designated role in history. Not their role in an election, not passively “supporting” or voting, nor in saying they are for this or that, but in recognizing their place in an ongoing process of history for which they are responsible.

What confronts the American people now, is the fact that the coup organized against President Trump is now shown to have been created by assets of British MI6 Intelligence and Britain’s GCHQ, the same malefactors who gave us the “dodgy dossier” on Iraqi weapons of mass destruction. This means that these operations against the President are being done in defense of the British Empire’s war policy, and in defense of those networks who have dutifully organized U.S. policy on the British Empire’s behalf.

What further confronts the American people is the historical fact that the primary figure leading the fight against British Empire policy for forty-plus years, in favor of actual sovereign U.S. interests, is Lyndon LaRouche, the only other individual in recent U.S. history to incur the full wrath of the protectors of the U.S.-British special relationship, including legal assassin Robert Mueller. It was LaRouche who opposed the United States’ becoming a financial services economy, urging us to instead produce capital goods for the development of the third world, and to commit to cooperation for the common aims of mankind and end the threat of nuclear war.

Realizing that what is at stake is the actual, decades-long fight against the historic enemy of the nation, intersecting as it does the current operations to subvert the U.S. Presidency, places the average American on the stage of history in a way that makes squirming away from responsibility, in favor of issue-based ideological comfort-zones, increasingly difficult.