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This editorial appears in the August 17, 2018 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

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90 Days to Make
A Breakout for All Ages

Aug. 9—The U.S. midterm elections are less than 90 days away. In these 90 days, the present British coup against the President can be thoroughly and roundly defeated, and the basis for a New Bretton Woods agreement between the Presidents of the United States, Russia, China, and the government of India put into place—the remedy proposed by Lyndon LaRouche for routing the British Empire once and for all.

If, however, the present Democratic Party prevails in the elections, then the Congressional effort to destroy the agents of the coup will be ended, and will be replaced by an impeachment proceeding against Donald Trump. History will be on a different world-line.

Those are the stark alternatives we face, as do the populations of the four nations which could implement LaRouche’s proposal. We have the unique potential to turn this battle in the right direction, but the clock is now ticking, and actual leadership, modeled on that of Lyndon LaRouche, is what we must now summon.

Never before in human history have the British stood so exposed. There have been further revelations in the last days about Christopher Steele’s paid role with the FBI beginning in February 2016, and his continuing relationship with Bruce Ohr and the Obama Justice Department hierarchy. It now stands fully exposed how they have aimed squarely at bringing down this President now. As Rudy Giuliani, one of the President’s lawyers, said yesterday, the Mueller investigation is going to blow up, and the law enforcement focus is going to turn to those responsible for this corrupt witch-hunt. It’s our job to point out that all roads lead to the conclusion that this has been a full-scale British subversion operation against the United States.