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This editorial appears in the October 19, 2018 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

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As Election Day
Approaches, the British Have Overplayed their Hand

Oct. 17—In the final countdown to the 2018 midterm elections, an important question on the minds of potential voters is exactly what really happened in 2016. Yes, a foreign power intervened massively to fix the election result beforehand. At the same time, that power created a backup plan to ensure that if Donald Trump were elected despite its efforts, it would be able to paralyze and destroy his incoming Administration and remove him from office.

This foreign power was not Putin’s Russia, but the British Empire. As EIR has documented in depth for the past two years, the phony evidentiary basis for the charges of Russian intervention and of Trump’s “collusion” with Russia, originally consisted of nothing but false evidence planted on Trump associates by British agents on British soil. The tactical leader of the British plot was Sir Richard Dearlove, the former head of the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) who also led the fabrication of the “dirty dossier” on purported Iraqi weapons of mass destruction for the catastrophic Iraq War of 2003 to date. Christopher Steele fabricated his own “dossier” under the same Dearlove. British intelligence figures Alexander Downer, Stefan Halper, Joseph Mifsud and many others developed the entrapment of Trump-linked figures on British soil, sometimes summoning them to London for that purpose. Even the handover of Steele’s dossier to the late Sen. John McCain’s office occurred in Britain’s former Dominion of Canada, not in the United States.

On Oct. 15, the nationally prominent lawyer Joseph diGenova, a former U.S. Attorney for Washington, D.C., gave an explosive interview to WMAL radio there.

The following is a paraphrase of some of his remarks.

DiGenova: This is why the British are scared. . . . British MI6 conducted illegal electronic surveillance on U.S. citizens at the request of the FBI and [CIA’s] Brennan. That’s how they found out [George] Papadopoulos was not interested in Hillary’s emails or anything else. Illegal spying by the Brits. That’s why the Brits are going crazy.

That’s a remarkable issue. We talk about domestic surveillance all the time. But when you stretch out to work with foreign governments—read “collude”—to spy on an American citizen, that really opens up an entirely different can of worms.

It opens up a huge criminal liability on the part of American intelligence officials, especially Brennan. Brennan actually visited London, before all this started, and visited MI6 and GCHQ before it started. . . .

WMAL: The President has chosen not to declassify certain documents. . . .

DiGenova: Trump won’t declassify certain documents because two foreign governments asked him not to.

This is a different President. He is now in full control of his Presidency. He is playing everyone in his orbit. He knows exactly what needs to be made public, and is holding it close to his vest. He is playing it like a masterful Stradivarius—for when it will have maximum impact; to use it at the maximum moment. Trump is in full control of his Presidency. You saw it last night with Lesley Stahl, when he said, “I’m President, and you’re not.” Throwing it in her face. . . .

Obama’s illegal spying will have two political consquences. Trump understands the coup against him. . . . He is not trying to measure the election; he understands that the coup was so massive; why Susan Rice did her famous email to herself on inauguration day. Why you see stories of her [saying], of course the White House knew about the Russiagate thing. They were involved in it, so that if Trump refused to accept election results, they’d have a way to undercut his legitimacy.

WMAL: Will we see this information ahead of election day?

DiGenova: I don’t know. Trump is in full control. He knows Mueller’s investigation is over because it was illegal. Because of British spying, which our FBI asked them to do. So much worse than Watergate! If Republicans lose the House, these investigations are over, because [Senate Intelligence Chair] Burr is a chicken—the only way it will come out is through a criminal investigation by DOJ, and that won’t happen unless Sessions and Rosenstein are gone after the election.

If we lose the House, all of the investigations come to an end. Every one of them. Because the people in the Senate have no “cojones.”

WMAL: I hope Trump declassifies the FISA warrants. What’s in them?

DiGenova: They will show Halper used a CIA agent to entrap Papadopoulos and [Carter] Page, and funnel back to the U.S., to the FBI, to get the FISA warrant. [To get British intelligence agencies] MI6 and GCHQ to do illegal overseas surveillance of the these people—totally illegal! The application [for a FISA warrant] presents [Page] as in cahoots. They knew it was all fabricated.

In his interview, diGenova spoke as though the British intervention was triggered by requests from Obamatons James Comey and others, and it may well look that way when based only on currently available information and the delimiting factor of a purely U.S. domestic viewpoint. But that does not take into account Barack Obama’s longstanding service to British imperial goals, or the fact that the British viewed Donald Trump and those around him as mortal threats dating as far back as 2014. It does not take into account the longstanding service of American intelligence agencies to British imperial goals, particularly when it comes to waging asymmetrical war against Russia and China. That is the true meaning of the so-called “special relationship”—free use of American brawn to pursue British imperial goals. That is also why complete declassification of all British-originated documents associated with the coup, dating from Stefan Halper’s operations against Michael Flynn back in 2014, must be subject to full declassification by the President. Nothing less than the future existence of the United States is at stake.