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This editorial appears in the November 9, 2018 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

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The American People
Want an Economy

Nov. 7—A first look at the election results shows that what was most important was not the shift in control of the House, which had been prediscounted, but that Americans demand a full-fledged economic recovery and growth policy. Democrats who took over formerly-Republican House seats tended to win, not based on demands to impeach Trump, but on economic concerns such as healthcare.

This also indicates that voters insist that Democratic legislators stick to their duty of governing the country alongside the elected President, rather than devoting all their time to press leaks against him. From all indications, President Trump will push the same point, making himself wide-open to collaboration with Democrats on issues where they agree—largely economic issues.

All this also portends an increasing tendency towards a split in the Democratic Party between the identity-politics cum impeachment group which has dominated the fake-news media on the one side, versus those in or returning towards Franklin Roosevelt’s embrace of the forgotten man and woman, including blue-collar workers and farmers.

The policy demanded is Lyndon LaRouche’s policy which would recreate Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal in the United States and internationally, as updated and improved for the 21st Century—Lyndon LaRouche’s policy of the Four Laws for economic recovery, and an international New Bretton Woods system for global development.

These are the policies of LaRouche PAC supported candidates Kesha Rogers of Texas and Ron Wieczorek in South Dakota. These policies won vastly-increased support among leaders across the country during the campaign. Now is the time to push them through to victory.