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This editorial appears in the November 23, 2018 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.


Expect the Unexpected: A Smarter U.S. Population Readied for Post-Election Surprises in Foreign Economic Policy

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Nov. 20—It would be a mistake to think that the whirlwind endeavor carried out by President Donald Trump in 45 packed election rallies would somehow be forgotten as a passing event. As long-term political “educators” in the Lyndon LaRouche movement have noted, Trump’s relentless schedule of events, combined with his particular “personal style,” has triggered a definite sort of response within the population. Though many also ran to the polls to oppose him, bringing the electoral turnout to the highest level of participation for a mid-term election in over 100 years, the process of political engagement which swept this country in the last six months has triggered something very important, fresh, and different from anything the Liberal social engineers who view themselves as the opinion-shapers of America, would ever have desired.

The best way to capture the quality of this shift in American mindset is to note: a significant portion of the American public has suddenly become much smarter—in truth, more intelligent at this time—than they have been for many years. This shift—even more than the sub-categories of voters which will preoccupy the pollsters—will now help to determine the field of action the President has to operate in, as he approaches an important watershed in his Presidency: the scheduled sideline meetings in Argentina with Russian President Putin and Chinese President Xi.

The Mission Before Us

The pollsters are already submerging themselves in statistical analyses aimed at belittling the effect of Trump’s hard-won achievement. In fact, at least one-half million Americans attended the President’s rallies. And, as unsophisticated as his style may seem to some, his proven “gift” is shown to be his ability to “make things personal.” Most of those people who spent hours and days in all kinds of discomfort to see and hear him in person, now know inside themselves that they have met him personally, and that he was talking “to them”—which is why they will never forget that day. And perhaps double the number of those who turned out and attended his events, were unable to attend, but think of themselves as “having been there.”

That sense is spreading out into the population, intensified by the fact that Trump’s majority in the Senate is growing to a higher level of at least 52, or maybe even 53—another kick in the jaw to the inventors of “Trump derangement syndrome.”

The mission of whoever heeds Lyndon LaRouche’s discoveries in this period, is to seize this newly created potential, and to prove that the same layers of the population which turned out to stand with Donald Trump at the election rallies, are ready to support him and back him, when he decides, as history requires, to announce cooperation with Putin and Xi, as well as with Prime Minister Modi of India, in reorganizing the monetary and financial relations between nations. As Lyndon LaRouche has argued for decades, it is only to the extent that humanity regains the benefits of the fixed exchange rate credit relations which allowed Europe to be rebuilt in twelve short years after World War II—principles of economic development which are based on scientific, physical economic standards— that today we can eliminate the economic disintegration now threatening our nation and other parts of the trans-Atlantic world with catastrophe.

Trump has kicked open the door for getting Americans to understand the real problems we are facing. Because of his personal commitment, and even his “style,” many more Americans right now consider themselves “political,” and part of the fight, than has been the case for a very long time.

It is because Americans are casting away the pacified identity of helpless victims who view the world through a dirty window-pane, impotently hoping “for the best”—an identity imposed by British Liberal cultural tricks and years of economic fraud; it is because they are being given the potential to be part of a system of positive change, that they have become “smarter.” Living with the President through the turmoils of British intelligence manipulation of the FBI and other U.S. agencies; witnessing the relentless attacks on him, and his willingness to fight on nonetheless, they have been inspired to seek answers to questions which only a few years ago they would never even have asked. Many of Trump’s most avid supporters are people who didn’t even vote, let alone try to follow the news, until he ran for office. Now they are becoming ready to educate and even lead others to take increasing responsibility.

This intervention of the President is giving us an increased chance of history-making victory. His post-election, rapid-fire action of calling Nancy Pelosi to pull together legislation from the Democratic-controlled House outlining infrastructure investments and healthcare changes, while saying he is ready to work with her for the benefit of the nation, showed true statesmanship. The opportunists in the Congress are to be found on both sides of the aisle; but the treasonous cells actively out to destroy him are coming from the City of London, not from dupes in Washington. This is the time to dig hard into the ranks of the Democratic Party to find the handful who will stand for non-partisan cooperation.

The moment has come for nationwide dissemination and discussion of Lyndon LaRouche’s discoveries in physical economy. The way to bring about unity and progress in the United States—leaving behind the insane divisiveness of Washington as a relic of a bad time—is to unleash widespread public debate and dialogue on the difference between physical economy versus monetary speculation. With his long background in real estate, Trump is often “too quick” to present financial and monetary policy questions in the habitual forms acceptable to Wall Street. On the other hand, he’s one of the only Presidents ever to criticize the snobbish indifference of the Federal Reserve, an institution that is long overdue for fundamental reform.

The moment has come for an educational explosion on behalf of LaRouche’s concepts of how physical economy and human cognitive development can bring under control the potentially “dangerous idiot” known as money. Those who now want to help the President clean up Washington, DC and create a safer, even truly beautiful world, should take to heart his call at every rally, “I need your help!” He needs the people of this nation to educate themselves and others in the scientific economic practices that will end the poisonous authority of the British Liberal “Dark Age” mentality. If we don’t recognize and seize the potential of this moment, we threaten to burn down our nation in killer fires which we can no longer afford to prevent, while we slip and drown in a mere five inches of icy snow—a dual calamity which actually happened last week because of our own folly. Trump’s Presidency, combined with the economic breakthroughs of America’s “paradigmatic patriot” Lyndon LaRouche, can end this threat and bring forth good times.