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This editorial appears in the December 7, 2018 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.


Necessary Perspectives for Victory

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The following is an edited transcript of the opening remarks delivered by Barbara Boyd on the November 29 LaRouche PAC Fireside Chat.

Let me present you with five summary propositions, and a sixth proposition, which is as a challenge to you personally.

1. We Are at War

Today’s events should make clear to everyone that we are in a war for the future of this nation and for the world as a whole.

On the one side stands the failing British Empire, the empire which, through private fondi and cartelization of the world’s money and raw materials has effectively run the world since August 15, 1971, when the British killed the Bretton Woods system and set loose the modern free-trade, floating currency regime, the casino economy which has massively destroyed the lives of millions of people in its wake. That Empire is now poised for another, possibly final collapse. As Lyndon LaRouche diagnosed it, that monetary empire’s problems are systemic; it cannot reproduce itself at the level required to sustain the human population on this Earth. It can only survive by killing people and dumbing them down to the level of servitude.

Witness the fact that it is now widely reported that life expectancy in the United States has dropped once again—due to suicides and opioid addiction. That is the “indicator” showing that we are still in the old paradigm of this Empire. Throughout the existence of this organization we have fought against this evil; we have fought for the soul of America, which has been, and remains in our lifetime, the only nation which can truly change the whole world for the better. Now we finally have a President who will fight, and who has given us the opportunity for victory by recognizing the primacy and importance of the nation-state as a fundamental organizing principle for humanity. It is true that he needs to better understand LaRouche’s economic policies, but more importantly, he needs, and this moment demands, a population demanding LaRouche’s economic policies.

2. The Trump-Putin Summit

In her webcast today, Helga Zepp-LaRouche emphasized that the planned summit between Trump and Putin was cancelled because of the provocations of the British poodle, Petro Poroshenko, of Ukraine. That is one aspect of why it was cancelled. Ukraine is a centuries-old battleground for British operations against Russia, and British networks there run very, very deep. But the other significant factor was Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his investigation, which is clearly now consciously timing its staged events to interfere with any Trump-Putin engagement on the major issues facing the world. Trump was not ready to cancel his meeting with Putin until the Michael Cohen plea deal came down in the morning, and then, aboard Air Force One en route to Argentina, his snaky national security advisors John Bolton and Mike Pompeo harassed him, both about the substantive Ukraine events themselves and the political optics created by Robert Mueller’s stunt.

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Left: Gage Skidmore; right: State Department/Ron Przysucha
Left: John Bolton, National Security Advisor; right: Mike Pompeo, Secretary of State.

Recall that Mueller’s previous stunt of this type was pulled shortly before the planned June 2018 Helsinki Trump-Putin meeting, when Mueller produced his fabricated charges against the Russian GRU for hacking the DNC and John Podesta. Mueller’s stunt there was the opener for rallying the traitorous news media into a firestorm against any Russian-American collaboration.

Otherwise, Mueller’s much touted investigation is nothing but “process crimes,” crimes about lying to investigators—crimes created by the investigation itself. It is the typical way political inquisitions work: First I target you, then I find something you did which no one noticed before, or something you never even knew was a crime. Then I squeeze you to do what Michael Cohen did—lie to reduce your sentence for something I just found out you did.

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Special Counsel Robert Mueller

Much of the press is having an orgasm about Cohen’s plea, sounding the death knell yet again for Trump. This is not reality. The documents Mueller used to demonstrate that Cohen was lying to Congress about his Russian real estate deals were documents provided to Mueller by Trump! So there is nothing there. But it is disrupting the entire world at an absolutely critical moment for moving into a new paradigm, the paradigm which is necessary for long term survival.

3. Lyndon LaRouche’s Solution

Lyndon LaRouche put on the table the only solution to the crisis we now face. President Trump must produce a major economic recovery in the United States if his Presidency is to survive, and this must begin in the time between now and 2020. This is not just a political necessity for Trump; it’s necessary for this nation and the world.

They say that cats, miraculously, have nine lives, due to their ability to always land on their feet. Well, the United States would seem to have lived a bit more than that, following the early 1970s, when we ceded our sovereignty to the City of London and Wall Street. But it is a myth that we have landed on our feet. Witness the continuing drop in life expectancy and the fact that the credit bubble which is about to burst will wreak far more havoc than the collapse of 2008. Witness the fate of California, where now hundreds have died in massive fires due to the scientific frauds promulgated by this Empire; and the homeless roam the rich hills of Silicon Valley and Hollywood, as if to imitate a Bruegel painting.

Because of the shattered and devastated nature of our labor force, the only way we are going to get out of this mess is through crash economic recovery efforts directed at massive infrastructure, the same program undertaken by FDR, but on a huge scale, drawing the unemployed and underemployed into the mission of rebuilding this nation—and training them in the process, as if in a wartime mobilization.

The massive credit required to accomplish this—and for the lifting of the economy overall—can only be accomplished in the context of the Four Power Agreement Lyndon LaRouche specified for reordering and revamping the international financial system, arranging for bankruptcy reorganization of worthless debt and arranging for a new fixed exchange-rate system that can negotiate large-scale joint projects for development of the world, as well as the exploration of the frontiers of science, starting with fusion power, large-scale water projects, nuclear powering of the Earth, and near-space exploration. Without the American population being won to this perspective, the Trump Presidency will fail. It will fail because of the treasonous swamp created by the British in Washington, D.C. As we have said throughout the Campaign to Secure the Future, it is the American population, educating itself in the spirit of Ben Franklin’s Committees of Correspondence and acting on that basis, which once again has the task of saving and advancing the human race.

4. Our Strategy

Our strategy in this undertaking is twofold. In my view, we have to target every idiot Senator or Congressman of substance who buckles under to the British and refuses to stop the coup. It is not too early to mobilize for their defeat in the next electoral cycle, but the idea is to slam them now. That is because the radio interference coming from this coup has gotten very loud again, and, as I said before, Mueller is actively interfering with the foreign policy of the United States. Not only that. His investigation now extends to Britain itself, where he has taken information from the rabid Brits about the Russians allegedly buying the Brexit vote, and he will surely factor that into his final report. As I have argued, this is a fight to the finish, either Trump goes down or Mueller and his friends go down; there is no third way.

As significant, in the coming weeks—leading up to our February national conference—we have to educate everyone about productive economies, whether Republican or Democrat, and recruit them to this program, because it is not only a question of the President’s survival, it is a question of national survival.

5. British Propaganda

Now, I want to talk to you a little bit about how the British do things. This is not some spook show or something for you to be “informed” about or to spread like gossip to your neighbor. It is warfare! We can’t get knocked off our game by the rounds of British bullshit being thrown at us every day. It is a fact that they are doing this, but we have to be able to situate this for the members of our population who they seek to turn into victims, the people they would play as fools. The British know that the fundamental battlefront in any war is the human mind, and they are very expert at information warfare, propaganda war aimed at profiling, befuddling, confusing and disorienting whole populations, based on profiles of their emotional reactions. Barack Obama’s friend, Cass Sunstein, recognized the principle when he referred to deliberately creating “cognitive dissonance” in dissident sections of the American population in order to neutralize them.

Last week, a group of hackers called Anonymous, which probably has some roots in Russia, revealed true hacked documents from a group in London called the Integrity Initiative. This is what Helga LaRouche also addressed today in her webcast. The Integrity Initiative operates through British embassies in every European nation and in the United States, to wage propaganda warfare on behalf of the British Foreign Office—its black propaganda campaigns are targeted against Russia and China. It has groups, which it calls “cluster groups,” of academics, politicians, and think tankers in each country, and these groups coordinate with the major media of those countries to run black propaganda operations on behalf of the British government.

The cluster group for the United Kingdom includes such people as Edward Lucas of the Center for European Policy Analysis, Anne Applebaum of the Washington Post, Ben Nimmo of the Atlantic Council, Bill Browder and Vadim Kleiner from Bill Browder’s operations, and not surprisingly, Sir Andrew Wood of Orbis Business Intelligence, Christopher Steele’s company. All of these people have been key figures in the coup against Donald Trump—and, before that, in British intelligence operations against Russia. The U.S. group includes Zbigniew Brzezinski’s son, Ian; Evelyn Farkas, formerly a Russia hawk serving in Obama’s Defense Department; and loads of people associated with Atlantic Council addresses. Recall that it is the Atlantic Council’s Digital Research Lab that houses many “active measures” and cyberwar operations against Russia, including Dmitri Alperovitch, the fabricator of the non-existent DNC hack. It is therefore highly probable that this Initiative was a key instrument in the coup against President Trump from the beginning, in early 2016. The Initiative was founded in 2015, in the context of the British escalation of active measures against Russia in the aftermath of the Ukraine coup. There is a whole cluster of similar operations emanating from NATO’s Strategic Communications Center.

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Picture credits: upper left: CC/Matthew W. Hutchins, Harvard Law Record; lower right: World Economic Forum/Benedikt von Loebell; lower left: cc/Chatham House
Clockwise from upper left: Cass Sunstein ,William Browder, Dmitri Alperovitch, Sir Andrew Wood.

Following the Ukraine coup in 2014, after their lies failed to stick about the peaceful forces purportedly acting for freedom in Ukraine, the British mobilized a massive new propaganda apparatus. In fact, the enforcers of the coup in Ukraine were neo-Nazis. Thus was born the Integrity Initiative. The new group was so bold, at least until their cover was blown, that—coming into the United States from British soil—they established a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, and prepared to organize in the states of the United States, starting with a conference in Seattle. Undoubtedly the major targets of this ongoing effort will be the battleground states in the 2020 elections.

While we will be fully exploring the implications of all of this in coming days, it is imperative that everyone realize that what you are reading daily—whether on the right or the so-called left—is all largely a manipulated propaganda barrage. For example, Jerome Corsi of InfoWars, who has lately been much in the news and is also a fool targeted by Mueller, brags proudly that he was trained, personally, by Edward Bernays. (Bernays was a nephew of Sigmund Freud, and a pioneer in the use of propaganda, being known as “the father of public relations.”) If you know your Anglo-American propaganda history, that should present to you a red, red flag. For myself, President Trump’s twitter account and this organization—the LaRouche Political Action Committee—are, respectfully, two among very few places where you can go now for the truth.

We won’t try to spin you, disorient you, or dumb you down. Throughout the world, whole governments look to us now in trying to figure out what must seem to them very strange and alien events occurring in the United States.

6. Your Role

Coming back to our immediate task, to the challenge I mentioned at the beginning: We have to recruit an army—an irregular army—to the immediate campaign task I just laid out. This is already underway, but it has to expand and become much more self-conscious, focused, and directed in its organizing activities. This also means helping us financially—and getting others to—so that we can produce the materials we need. History is calling all of us to the task before us. We will have bad days and good days, as in any war, but I am telling you, it is a task we can now win if we decide to, and if we willfully focus. People in the United States are more politicized than at any time in my lifetime. They simply have to be educated and integrated into the fight, but they are ready to fight. Figure out who else we can recruit to this fight, to leaflet, to contact people, to volunteer over the next days, in whatever capacity you think you or they can help. Call the people you are in contact with at LaRouche PAC and tell them who you know who can join us. Tell them what more you can do to build this irregular army for the fight we now face.