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This editorial appears in the December 14, 2018 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

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The New Bretton Woods System: Lyndon LaRouche’s Moment in History

Dec. 9—The stakes are very high in the fight to move from the Dec. 1 Trump-Xi summit and the resulting U.S.-China trade truce, and from the next (still unscheduled) Trump-Putin summit, directly into the first Four-Power discussions among the United States, China, Russia and India towards a New Bretton Woods international fixed exchange-rate credit system—as designed by Lyndon LaRouche.

Now we see that alien elements in the U.S. Department of Justice are using provocative arrests and prosecutions, to try to shut down Washington-Beijing relations, just as they or others in the DOJ have been attacking Washington’s relations with Moscow for years, and are trying to cripple and eventually remove the elected U.S. President.

Yet whatever the appearance to the contrary, those of us who are fighting to realize LaRouche’s conceptions, do in fact have the means, if we use them, to overcome all the manikins which the British Empire can throw at us.

Matt Ogden’s interview last Friday with LaRouche’s friend Jacques Cheminade, the leader of the LaRouche movement in France is available in this issue of EIR. Among the other important conceptions he expressed, Cheminade said,

So, our advantage, compared to all these people, is the way I was mistreated in French politics. When they know what was done to Lyndon LaRouche in the United States, when they have a certain sense of what was done to me, because of the three Presidential elections [I ran in], they get it. They say “they have mocked you, they have attacked you, they have done to you exactly what’s happening to us.” So, we are understood by them from this immediate standpoint. I tell them “you have to go deeper into the understanding.” What we are trying to do, in various layers, is to give them what they need; to give them the nourishment to feed them, which is what they need to develop their thinking and go further than what they themselves expected. I was invited to speak at three universities in Lille, a city of more than one million people, in the north of France, near the Belgian border. There I told the students, “I got only 0.18% in the Presidential vote. Its very little.” They replied, “It’s precisely for that [reason] that we want you. Because we know that if they did that to you, it’s that you are different. We want to know why you are different, and what you have in your stomach. Please tell us.” So, we had very interesting exchanges with hundreds of them.

Study and master LaRouche’s ideas. But be aware at the same time that the ideas cannot be separated from the person—his, but equally your own. Had Socrates listened to his friend Crito’s well-meant advice to flee Athens and his imminent execution, no one would be talking about Socratic or Platonic ideas today. Had Einstein heeded three decades of advice by virtually every one of his “colleagues,” that he confess his purported errors and join the “Copenhagen School”—all his theories would have died at that instant. Lyndon LaRouche has more than earned his immortality as a folk hero, as it has been said, both by virtue of his public actions, and by innumerable sorts of actions which will never be known to the public. This is your weapon, too—as it is Jacques’—once you seize that chalice.