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This editorial appears in the February 15, 2019 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.


Man’s Fate

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Feb. 10—Tomorrow, five days of intensive negotiations between U.S. and Chinese representatives will begin in Beijing. Despite rumors in the U.S. media of problems, China is optimistic that agreement will be reached on the world’s largest-ever economic deal—a “trade agreement” with the United States—sometime soon after.

At the same time, not just North Korea and the United States, but also South Korea, China and Russia, are all intensely involved in trying to ensure the success of President Trump’s peace summit with North Korea’s Chairman Kim on Feb. 27-28 in Hanoi.

China, India, Iran, Pakistan and Russia are negotiating with each other and the United States to try to ensure peace in Afghanistan after the U.S. eventually withdraws its troops. And, an overlapping group of countries is negotiating to ensure peace after the U.S. withdraws troops from Syria, a withdrawal which is now ongoing, and reportedly will be completed by the end of April.

London refuses to accept any of this, and many in Western Europe refuse to admit the significance of these developments, but after major changes in Russia and China around the turn of the new century, and now with the Trump Presidency in the United States, the world constellation of forces and ideas has undergone dizzying changes to the point that the national- and world-recovery plans of Lyndon LaRouche, which were apparently checkmated in the last century, are now suddenly practicable.

We are moving towards the new Westphalian world system of which Lyndon LaRouche has so often written—a world of perfectly sovereign nation-states, nations which willingly unite to achieve what LaRouche’s ally Edward Teller memorably called “the common aims of mankind.”

Although the superficial observer might think that Lyndon LaRouche was defeated and crushed in the 20th century—as the nation’s establishment media would have you believe—the experts and the first-hand observers understand that the ideas of the actually undefeated Lyndon LaRouche have been, and continue to be, crucially catalytic in bringing about this great, still-onrushing change through which we are living today.

The potential is great; yet the danger is that this process is not irreversible. Or at any rate, it is certainly not yet irreversible. The forces of the British Empire, now arrayed against this New Paradigm for humanity, will not simply walk away. We have seen, in the past, how Britain’s Edward VII contrived to launch the world’s worst-ever war to that date, World War I, in order to prevent his nightmare of the new, peaceful Westphalian system of co-development in Europe and Southwest Asia, as symbolized by the Berlin-to-Baghdad railway. We saw what happened to John Kennedy when he was beginning to work to complete Franklin Roosevelt’s mission, while reaching out to the Soviets, and sending Americans into outer space.

As Helga Zepp-LaRouche has often noted recently, the key link in the whole chain is the United States. If the United States brings Russia, China, and India together for a New Bretton Woods System, the adversary British Empire will be defeated. If our pro-British establishment were to succeed in its dream of reversing the 2016 U.S. election, then the peace dynamic we have seen over the past two and one-half years will end, and a bigger war, perhaps the last war, will soon start.

This is where you, the citizen, enter the picture. This is where you prove whether you, now, in 2019, measure up to the responsibility our founding fathers placed upon you almost a quarter of a millennium ago. It cannot be up to one man alone, to defeat every snare the adversary will set for him. It cannot be up to one man, alone, to master the economic and related policies which Lyndon LaRouche spent a lifetime developing.

As Aesop challenged, “Rhodes is here. Jump here!”

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