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This editorial appears in the November 8, 2019 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.


The Tentacle of Perfidious Albion’ Behind the Impeachment Drive

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Gage Skidmore
Candidate Donald Trump and then Indiana Governor Mike Pence at an immigration policy speech at the Phoenix Convention Center on August 31, 2016.

Mrs. Boyd is the author of numerous articles and pamphlets on the ongoing attempted coup against President Trump. We present here her edited notes for the presentation she gave October 31, 2019 on the weekly LaRouche PAC Thursday night Fireside Chat. The full video, including questions and answers, is available here.

Oct. 31—While embarking on a different project, I happened upon an article by the inimitable Lyndon LaRouche, published in EIR January 15, 1999, concerning the Clinton impeachment. It’s called “To Defeat Impeachment, You Must Defeat the New Confederacy.” And it struck me, just how apropos that article still is today: The strategic situation bears some striking similarities; only the uniforms of the partisan players have changed. This should tell you that something is controlling the process over and above those in partisan uniforms, something that controls the partisans.

One of the things that is different is that this President is taking on those out to get him on something other than a steamy sexual setup. They already tried that with him, and it landed with a resounding thud, as cheap reruns tend to do. And President Trump has called them out by name, the military-industrial complex, serving imperial aims, the globalists, and declared war on them with substantial public support. That is really very, very different. But the enemy is not different. So, I’ll give you some of LaRouche’s insights on the impeachment, which he penned on January 1, 1999, before beginning our discussion on the ongoing Ukrainegate.

The Constitution is Threatened

LaRouche begins his article by asking: “Will the United States survive this impeachment side show?” And his answer is to call you out. He says, the impeachment is “A British style parliamentary coup d’état,” while noting that the impeachment process was only one among several crucial battlefields in a much wider war. He says, “Whoever thinks only of one issue at a time—one battlefield, or one mass-media week—has made a commitment to losing this war, at the start.”

He noted that the global financial system, run by the City of London and its British Commonwealth appendages, had begun its inevitable collapse, a rolling mudslide. That mudslide culminated in the 2007-2008 collapse from which we have not recovered. Now, a similar bubble has been built up, and there are signs all over the world that its collapse is imminent. Even though the great Belt and Road project exists, which marks a hugely significant shift in economic potential, the collapse that is about to hit will engulf most of the world and create very dangerous conditions in the U.S. and Europe, and devastating conditions in the developing sector.

LaRouche said that replacing Bill Clinton with Al Gore would ensure that the neo-liberal and neo-conservative hawks who then controlled Washington would have their way and that it would have become almost inevitable that they would recklessly create a nuclear war. Is replacing Donald Trump with Mike Pence any less a fear-and-panic producing proposition?

He then said, most importantly, “For us, in the United States, the central feature of our war is a fight against treason in our nation’s political establishment, like that treason that led to the Civil War of 1861-1865.” Treason perpetrated by President Lincoln’s London-centered and Wall Street-centered enemies. He said the British aim has been to “tear up the Constitution and Declaration of Independence,” and then to integrate a shattered United States as a vassal state into the British Commonwealth under conditions of the economic collapse of the world’s economy. He emphasized that if the President were to be impeached and removed from office, this would create such horrific conditions, that it would be as if the United States lost the Civil War. Under these circumstances, LaRouche stated, the U.S. would either fight a war against that treason or it would be finished as a nation.

But he cautioned sternly, once again, this is a war against the British Empire, which functions throughout the world. People who fight one battle at a time are usually outflanked, and lose the battle and probably the war, too. He asserted that this is not an internal U.S. political affair; it is a global affair in which every leading government of the world is vitally interested and will be playing a hand of its own for its own vital strategic reasons. It is not a battle that can be won unless American citizens abandon their “little me” identities and fixation on local bread-and-butter issues.

He then related what he called Al Gore’s “four poisons,” all of which are predominant in the Democratic Party of today: elimination of the nation-state in favor of globalist regimes; hostility to scientific and technological progress, as now embodied in the Green New Deal and Extinction Rebellion; slave-labor policies in the outsourcing of our formerly industrial economy and low-wage policies worldwide; and radical population reduction, engineered through radical environmentalism.

American System Solution

LaRouche spoke of the bankrupt policies of the world’s central bankers at the time of Clinton’s impeachment, writing:

All of these and related conditions combine to create an explosive political-economic mixture in each and all of these and other nations. We have come into the kind of a time in history, once again, in which wars, revolutions, and terrible dictatorship tend to erupt as if on the order of the day.

And we do see that across the globe today. He added:

Behind every war there is an issue of choice. Contrary to the self-styled geopolitical variety of loonies, such as Halford Mackinder, Karl Haushofer, or Zbigniew Brzezinski, terrain does not cause wars; it is conflicts over choices of response in the political and economic and cultural terrain, which prompt serious warfare. Geopolitics happens to be one of those delusions which tends to cause loonies to choose wars.

He then located the fundamental conflict as that between the American System’s view and the British Monarchy’s view of humankind, writing:

The American System views each man and woman as made in the image of the Creator, as each endowed at birth with a divine spark of a creative power of reason lacking in all lower forms of life. For us, that is the principle of natural law which must underlie all rightful government, axiomatically, as our Leibnizian Declaration of Independence and the Preamble of our Federal Constitution express this commitment to such principles of natural law. The British monarchy’s system, on the contrary, views the majority of the nation’s and world’s population not as citizens, but as mere subjects of an hereditary, willful, essentially parasitical authority, the which is embodied in institutions controlled by a ruling, imperial financier oligarchy, typified by the pagan tradition of the Venice-modelled Anglo-Dutch financier oligarchy.

Under conditions of crisis, the British oligarchs will produce movements and ideological formations geared toward one thing, preserving their form of “order.”

Right now, advocates of the American System, as revived and revolutionized by LaRouche—those who believe in the human creative ability of the individual citizen—would say, let’s cauterize the bubble before it pops with Glass-Steagall; let’s create a national banking system that can issue credit for real development and modern infrastructure; let’s make sure our capital intensive expenditures result in the high wages and living standards necessary to an advanced population; let’s develop fusion as an energy source and take off to the next frontier, space, in search of scientific breakthroughs and understanding nature’s laws.

It is collaboration on the last of these initiatives—fusion, space, discovery of the actual workings of our universe, which can form the basis of collaboration between nation-states and through which—as LaRouche made clear in his November 29, 2004 study, The Coming Eurasian World, published in EIR Vol. 31 No. 49—mankind will experience a higher and more creative culture than any we have now.

We would also be saying, let’s replace the present international system with new fixed exchange-rate credit mechanisms, developed by the four nation-states of China, India, Russia and the U.S., with the potential, jointly, to survive and prosper despite the coming City of London and Wall Street instigated collapse.

The fact that President Trump leans in these directions, is the reason why the same Anglo-American apparat and its controlled lynch mob of the day is after him. A different variety of controlled lynch mob impeached but did not convict Bill Clinton, based on a sexual scandal that erupted right after Clinton said the world needed a new financial architecture. And the choices we have to make now in this war, LaRouche’s solutions, are the only sure way to defeat them and outflank them worldwide.

Ralph Alswang
President Bill Clinton and his Vice President, Al Gore, in 1993.
White House/Pete Souza
President Barack Obama and his Vice President, Joe Biden, in 2015.
President Barack Obama and his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, in 2016.

Expose the Real Traitors

When Larry Johnson speaks [see p. 56, this issue] he will tell you that the intelligence community game for the 2016 election on the British and American side was set into motion way back in 2015. And it was ginned up to defeat any candidate but Hillary Clinton. They needed her as the President, because they knew what was about to strike their system. She was (and still is) their “sure bet,” their servant.

Now, in that context, let’s talk about Ukrainegate. My article, “Ukrainegate, or the Coup Against President Donald Trump—Phase Three,” is available in the Nov. 1 issue of EIR, and it will also appear on LaRouche PAC’s website, in a three-part electronic pamphlet that will be continually updated. We are setting up an impeachment update page on the website that will also highlight this war, which must be approached as a world war. I wrote it as a kind of opposition research piece for supporters of the President and the substantial body of people who may or may not like Donald Trump, but who realize that the Constitution is being trashed, and our Republic endangered, by a wildly partisan and enraged establishment—what Trump and Eisenhower have rightly called the military-industrial complex, and what we know as the financial oligarchy.

Our report is a detailed take-down of the big lie being spread—that giving lethal military aid to Ukraine is a national security imperative, and that the President was absolutely wrong in saying that defending the notoriously corrupt political elements of Ukraine does not at all serve our national security.

This is the big lie of Ukrainegate, the one “bipartisans” don’t want you to think about. Why in the hell are we selling arms for continuing sectarian warfare on Russia’s borders, arms that can fall into the hands of neo-Nazis?

Azov News
The Azov Battalion of the National Guard of Ukraine, marching under the banner of Hitler’s SS, in Berdyansk on July 21, 2017.

In the piece, I detail how Joe Biden was Obama’s point man in running a coup in 2013-2014 in that country, using actual neo-Nazis as muscle and putting them into the new government. This Biden/Obama/British gambit recklessly risked a nuclear conflict between the United States and Russia. A subplot of Biden’s use of the Ukrainian population as fodder in a potential war with Russia was his fixation on cutting off Ukraine’s role in the transit of Russian gas to Europe and replacing Russian gas infrastructure and exploration in Ukraine with American companies.

This, of course, was designed to choke a vital source of revenue to the Russian economy. Key to this dangerous plan was gaining control of a very corrupt but dominant Ukrainian gas company, Burisma. That is why Biden’s cocaine-addled son served on the Burisma board, making millions for providing this very, very dirty and corrupt company a respectable face. I show how Biden’s association with Ukraine’s neo-Nazis continued through 2018, despite the fact that the neo-Nazi gangs he empowered, like the Azov Battalion, trained neo-Nazis who operated internationally, such as those deployed in the Charlottesville, VA shooting and the New Zealand mosque mass shooter.

We demonstrate and will continue to expose how everyone who has testified against the President to date in this sham impeachment proceeding is a member of the certifiably lunatic State Department/intelligence community establishment active in America’s regime change operations and “forever” wars—those whose livelihoods and prestige this President attacks and threatens every day. The bogus whistleblower himself appears to be Eric Ciaramella, a CIA analyst deployed to Obama’s White House, who worked with Susan Rice and Joe Biden on Ukraine, according to an article published by Paul Sperry on Real Clear Investigations yesterday. In the disorganization that characterized the early Trump Administration, Ciaramella became the Ukraine Chair at the National Security Council until, according to Sperry’s sources, he got caught leaking and was responsible for the bogus narrative that Putin dictated Trump’s firing of Comey.

In the final part of my piece I demonstrate how the same people who staffed the illegal coup against Trump—Britain’s Christopher Steele/Sir Richard Dearlove/Jackson Society group, GCHQ, and MI6; in the United States, Fusion GPS; Nellie Ohr; the State Department’s Victoria Nuland and John Kerry; the CIA; and the FBI; aided by key personnel in the Ukrainian diaspora who swear allegiance to the tradition of Stepan Bandera (Bandera was the Nazi collaborator who slaughtered thousands of Poles and Jews). These same people and entities worked the atrocity known as the Ukraine coup in 2013-2014, ahead of being deployed against Trump beginning in 2015. This is not accidental. The people employed at the Eurasia desks at State, Defense, CIA, and the NSA have been working, with London, since at least 2012, in an ongoing effort to remove Putin in Russia and are now mobilized to create popular hysteria against China.

We lay out the story of how the DNC (Democratic National Committee) contractor Alexandra Chalupa ran the black ledger operation against Paul Manafort with Ukrainian intelligence, Michael Isikoff, and Fusion GPS in 2016, and also worked, with her sister Andrea, in running Digital Maidan, a key information warfare group supporting the coup. Not surprisingly, Chalupa has been involved with the so-called “whistleblower” identified as none other than Eric Ciaramella by Paul Sperry and others.

Finally, we talk about how all the information warfare groups we have identified, the people responsible for censoring and defaming journalists who have rejected the anti-Trump poison, as crazed conspiracy theorists. These info war psy-op groups, who run the wall-to-wall anti-Trump coverage every day, got their start in Ukraine with new military approaches to brainwashing an entire citizenry. Not surprisingly, the Ukraine operations and the operations against Trump involved hacker groups personally mentored by Dmitri Alperovitch, the guy at CrowdStrike who invented the myth that Russia hacked the DNC and turned its trove over to WikiLeaks. This concludes my remarks at this point, because I want you to read and study the piece; I want to provoke and entice you to do that, rather than providing you Cliff’s Notes. I want to inspire you to think strategically, if we are to win this war.

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